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A List of Local Relief Funds for NYC Restaurant Workers

Fundraising campaigns that support the thousands of workers who lost their jobs this month

A group of people stand huddled outside of a restaurant at night Gary He/Eater

New York City restaurants and bars are still reeling weeks after Govern Andrew Cuomo’s state-mandated shutdown of dine-in services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In the days following the news, many restaurants have pivoted to delivery and takeout — while others have received funding from food relief efforts — but it’s nowhere near enough to sustain current staff levels, with some restaurants slimming their numbers by as much as 90 percent.

For the majority of the city’s restaurants, the only option left available has been to terminate the entirety of their staffs — sometimes by the thousands, sometimes by mass email — and encouraging workers to apply for state unemployment insurance. Most workers who have lost their jobs have also lost their primary source of income and their employer-sponsored health care with no end in sight.

New York City restaurants and bars are currently facing the largest disruption to the hospitality industry since major events like September 11, the 2008 financial crisis, and Hurricane Sandy. Below, we’re including an updated list of restaurants that have turned to the public to crowd-source funds to continue paying their staffs during this uncertain time. For a list of a national relief organizations, please see our related coverage.


L’Accolade Restaurant Staff Disaster Relief Fund

Staff Relief Fund (Acme, Ray’s, The Happiest Hour, Slowly Shirley, and Tijuana Picnic)

Archer & Goat

Support the Staff of Ardesia

Augustine Employee COVID-19 Relief Fund

Help Support L’Avenue Employees

Epicurean Family Support Fund (L’Artusi, Anfora)

Support for Atofam (Atoboy, Atomix)

Balthazar Relief Fund COVID-19

Bathtub Gin & The 18th Room Staff Relief Fund

Bar Goto Employee Fund

Help B&H Dairy Restaurant Survive COVID-19

Black Barn Family Fund

bOb Bar Staff Fundraiser

Bohemian Fundrasing Event

Bondst Staff Relief Fund

Boqueria Relief Fund

Bowery Hotel Employee Fund

COVID-19 Support for Brandy Library Family

Bubby’s Employee Relief Fund

Cafeteria & Empire Diner Family Fund

Please help Cafe Luxembourg, the Odeon, and Cafe Cluny employees

Caracas Arepa Bar Staff Fundraiser

Carmine’s TSQ & UWS Employee Relief Fund

Charlie Bird Staff Relief Fund

Chinese Tuxedo & Peachy’s Staff Relief Fund

La Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels Hourly Worker Tip Jar

Contra and Wildair Staff Relief Fund

Cosme & ATLA Staff Support

The Dead Rabbit Staff Relief Fund

Del Posto Family Fund

Don Angie Team Relief Fund

Support the Staff (Down the Hatch, the Gin Mill, Jake’s Dilemma, Off the Wagon, the Stumble Inn, 3 Sheets, the 13th Step, Hair of the Dog)

Death & Co Staff Relief Fund

Flex Mussels Employee Support Fund

Frenchette Family Fund

Hole In The Wall Staff Support

HUTONG NYC Relief Fund

Il Buco Family Fund

The Izakaya NYC Never Give Up Fund

Jean-Georges Restaurants (JoJo, Jean-Georges, Nougatine, Perry St, Mercer Kitchen, Inn at Pound Ridge, and ABC Kitchen) Employee Relief Fund

Help the Joe Allen, Orso, and Bar Centrale Staff

Joe Coffee Employee Relief Fund

Juke Bar’s Finest

Kobrick Coffee Co. Cafe Staff Fund

Legacy Records Staff Relief Fund

Little Owl, Market Table, and The Clam

Loring Place Employee Fund

Lucky Strike Employee Covid-19 Relief Fund

Luthun Restaurant Worker’s Relief Fund

Save Maison Thai Staff

Matter House (Altro Paradiso, Estela, Flora Bar)

Restaurant Marc Forgione Employees Fund

Minetta Tavern Employees Need Your Help!

Momofuku Employee Relief Fund

Motel Morris Staff Relief Fund

Morandi Employee COVID-19 Relief Fund

Ms Yoo Team Relief Fund

Oxalis Staff Relief Fund

Pasquale Jones Staff Relief Fund

Park Bar & Black Door Staff Support Fund

Pastis NYC Relief fund

Pegu Club Cocktail Bar Staff Relief Fund

Porsena Staff Fund

Portale Employee Relief Fund

Porteño Team Relief Fund

The Riddler Employee Assistance Program (NYC, SF)

Employee Fund for Ruffian and Kindred

Quality Italian NY Employee Relief Fund

TIC Restaurant Group (Sobaya, Rai Rai Ken, Sakagura, Decibel, Hi-Collar, Curry-Ya, and more) Worker’s Fund

Sonnyboy Staff Support

Employees of Tanner Smith’s

Help the Best People on Earth in a Time of Need! Fund (Tokyo Record Bar, Niche Niche, Air’s Champagne Parlor, and Special Club)

Trailer Park Staff Relief Kitty

Trinity Pub’s Beloved Bar Staff

Support Tudor City Steakhouse

Support the Up & Up Crew

La Vara, Txikito, El Quinto Pino, and Saint Julivert

Via Carota & Bar Pisellino Community

Support the Vida Verde Team

Virgil’s Real BBQ Time Square Relief Fund

Walker’s Tribeca Bar and Service Staff Relief Fund

The Waverly Inn

The Winslow Staff Fund

Zooba NYC Employee Relief Fund


Al Di La Trattoria Family Fund

Alta Calidad Employee Relief Fund

Angry Wades, Dram Shop, and Gueros Staff Relief Fund

Aska Employee Relief Fund

Staff Relief Fund at The Awkward Scone

Bernie’s & Frankel’s Employee Fund

Black Flamingo

Black Forest Brooklyn Employee Relief Fund

Bohemien Staff Relief Fund

Brooklyn Cider House Family Fund

Casa Publica Employee Relief Fund

Chez Moi & Boudoir Staff Relief Funds

Clover Club & Leyenda Staff Relief Fund

Clover Hill Staff Relief Fund

Colonia Verde Worker’s Relief Fund

Colonie & Gran Electrica & Pips Employee Relief

Egg Shop Covid Relief Fund

Faro Staff Disaster Relief Fund

Fausto Employee Fund

Fort Defiance Employee Fund

Four Horsemen and Daymoves/Nightmoves Staff Fund

Grand Army Staff Support

Grovehouse Family Fund (Lilia, Misi)

The Team at Hart’s, Cervo’s, The Fly

Henry Public Employee Relief Fund

Help our Hunky’s Fund (Hunky Dory)

Hot Bread Kitchen Alumni Emergency Relief Fund

Insa & The Good Fork Staff Fund

Friends of Jack the Horse Tavern

JAMES Staff Emergency Relief Fund

Jupiter Disco Staff Relief Fund

The LaLou Employee Fund

Meme’s Diner Staff Relief Fund

Miss Ada Employee Relief Fund

Roberta’s Employee Relief Fund

Support For Our Flock Staff Fund (Nitehawk Theater)

Olmsted & Maison Yaki Staff Disaster Relief Fund

Support for the Di An Di Team

Sisters Staff Funds

Tørst Team Donation

The Quarter Brooklyn Restaurant Relief Fund

Walter’s and Karasu Support For Our Laid Off Staff


Adda, Rahi, and Masalawala Staff Support Fund

Cemitas El Tigre Staff Relief Fund

LIC Market Team Needs Help