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NYC’s Newest Chain Is a Delivery-Only Wings Restaurant

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Plus, Brooklyn Brewery is bringing a taproom to Tokyo — and more intel

An aerial view of to-go containers, including dipping sauces, salads, and hot wings
Wing Squad arrives in NYC and 17 other cities nationwide this week
Wing Squad [Official]

A delivery-only wings chain opens in NYC

New York City’s newest delivery-only restaurant chain has arrived, just days before City Council will meet to discuss the impact of “ghost kitchens” on the city’s small businesses. The newest restaurant chain, called Wing Squad, serves six styles of wings, a few sides options like mac and cheese and caesar salad, and limited desserts. It’s all part of the company’s bigger plan to expand to 18 cities nationwide, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington D.C., with hopes of reaching additional locations and neighborhoods in the coming year.

Wing Squad’s arrival in New York City is part of a growing trend towards tech-focused delivery-only “ghost kitchens,” which eliminates the need customer-facing service staff. Part of the idea is that by saving on labor and other overhead costs, more money can go towards the food and ingredients — or, as Wing Squad put it, toward “a superior product.” But the city’s meeting tomorrow will also be investigating how the new slate of businesses will impact smaller restaurants. Bronx Councilman Mark Gjonaj, chair of the Committee on Small Business, is spearheading the effort; he’s the same person who’s been leading inquiries on Grubhub in light of news that the delivery platform charged restaurants for calls that never resulted in orders.

In other news

— International bubble tea shop the Whale Tea has landed in the East Village with its first New York City outpost. The storefront, located at 209 E. 14th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, was previously occupied by Gong Cha.

Pinks Cantina, the taqueria that got its start in Bowery Market, is now serving tacos during concerts and club nights at Webster Hall.

Thai Direct, the fast-service Thai restaurant that arrived in Alphabet City last September, is under renovation and will be closed until February 14.

— Restaurant health inspections could be some of the most accurate predictors of rent prices in a neighborhood.

Brooklyn Brewery opened the doors to its newest space over the weekend replete with tacos, beer tastings, and a 60-foot bar and taco menu. The only problem: Their newest outpost isn’t in New York City. It’s in Tokyo.

— We don’t normally cover Valentine’s Day specials, but we’ll make an exception for this West Village spa, which will cover your body in chocolate for $100.

— Calorie counts may not be as precise as we once thought. Is nothing sacred?

— Meet Pizza Rat, the MTA’s newest unofficial mascot.

— The perfect sandwich doesn’t exi— :