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Keith McNally Is Already Killing It on His New Instagram Account

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Important Insta news

Keith McNally in 2016, wearing a black sweater with a white collar Nick Solares/Eater

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to let you know that Keith McNally is now on Instagram. The restaurateur behind Balthazar and Pastis started in the last week and has not been stingy with posting to the feed, already flooding his page with images whose captions demonstrate his famous wit, charm, and taste.

“My London house I’m forced to sell to pay for my fucking divorce,” he writes on an image of a living room, which he recently wrote about in a similarly cheeky piece for Architectural Digest. “Hanks in another Boring film playing someone who’s had a Lobotomy,” he writes in a particularly spicy post of Tom Hanks’s movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

There’s also throwback posts, like one at the Odeon in 1980, and several photos of his homes and restaurants.

When asked by email whether the Instagram feed really belonged to him, McNally says to Eater “Of course it’s fucking me! Who else would [make] fun of their stroke and divorce?”

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My house on Martha’s Vineyard in July.

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