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Italian Fixture Barbuto Returns to the West Village Very Soon

There will be no big surprises on the new menu

A plate of roast chicken topped with salsa verde beside a glass of wine.
Barbuto’s chicken will still be on the menu
Daniel Krieger/Eater
Erika Adams is the editor of Eater Boston.

Former Barbuto chef Jonathan Waxman is back from his temporary retirement in Hawaii and ready to roll. The Times reports that Waxman and his team will be opening the new version of West Village mainstay Barbuto, at 113 Horatio Street, in just over a week, on Tuesday, February 25.

Fans of the old Barbuto, which shut down last May after 15-plus years at a location just steps away from the new location, will feel right at home at the new Barbuto. There’s no garage doors to roll up in this space, but there are floor-to-ceiling windows covering two sides of the dining room, and there will be an outdoor terrace. There’s the same number of 74 seats in the dining room, a similar sprawling open kitchen, and virtually the same menu on deck. The chicken paired with salsa verde is still here, alongside salad with anchovies, and “other al dente pasta,” according to the Times.

There will be soups on the new menu, as well as a dessert program courtesy of pastry chef Heather Miller, who previously worked at Waxman’s recent Midtown reboot of Jams, his first successful restaurant in New York City. But, for the most part, there will be no surprises. “There’s no point in making big changes now,” Mr. Waxman tells the Times. “I’ve been at this since 1972.”


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