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Jajaja Team Brings A Modern Day Deli to Little Italy With An All Vegan Focus

The deli will serve sandwiches like meatball parm with Impossible meat alongside fresh produce and Italian pantry items

The exterior of a new vegan deli called Galioto’s that’s located in Little Italy has green doors.
Galioto’s opens in Little Italy on Thursday
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New York City is dotted with delis on nearly every corner, but Galioto’s in Little Italy sets itself apart as one of just a handful selling only plant-based goods. Located at 131 Mulberry Street, near Hester Street, the deli and Italian pantry staples store is the latest venture from the team behind popular NYC restaurants Jajaja Plantas Mexicana, Gelso & Grand, and Manero’s Pizza.

“This whole concept came together because of the pandemic,” says Nima Garos, who co-owns the restaurant alongside Koorosh Bakhtiar, his sister Nicole Galioto and Manny Del Castillo. “It’s based around grab and go and it’s pretty on track for what we wanted it to be.”

Inside a shelf at Galioto’s, a series of sauces, spices, and pastes on different shelves
Galioto’s also sells a range of Italian pantry items
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At Galioto’s, sandwiches like the meatball parm — made with Impossible Meat — and an eggplant creation with harissa aioli will be served alongside fresh produce provided by the local pop-up Alimentari Flâneur, olive oils and vinegars from Noho Italian restaurant Il Buco, pickled vegetables from the Pickle Guys, milled flour from Scarr’s Pizza, and other various products from New York-based businesses.

“We had the resources and the chefs to do something more interesting,” says Garos. Ricky Colex and Edwin Cintron, the chefs at Jajaja and Gelso & Grand respectively, have created the deli menu, which also includes a selection of salads, sides like marinated button mushrooms and giardiniera, and pastas. Vegan pastries made by Bushwick French bakery L’imprimerie will be available alongside coffee by Nueva York Coffee.

The deli and market is takeout only, and Garos says the shop is made in the style of the markets that once dotted Little Italy in the early 20th century before they were replaced by the more tourist-centric restaurants that exist today. “This is what Mulberry Street looked like in the 1920s,” says Garos, who grew up on the street. “It was all one big marketplace.”

With all the recent pandemic-related restrictions in NYC, Garos says he doesn’t expect the business to get off to a spectacular start, but along with the rest of his establishments, Garos says he hopes Galioto’s will be primed for success in the spring. “We are pushing forward and just getting through the motions until late spring,” he says.

Galioto’s opens Thursday and will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The coffee station inside Italian deli Galioto’s
Coffee will be served alongside sandwiches
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131 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10013