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Milk Bar Is Now Selling Its Cookies at Target Stores Nationwide

It’s the latest step in the company’s ongoing plans to grow into a national, household dessert brand

An overhead photograph of packaged cookies with bright blue branding and unpackaged cookies resting beside them
Chocolate birthday cake truffle crumb cakes from Milk Bar
Milk Bar [Official]

Milk Bar, the famed New York City bakery turned national brand, continues its rapid expansion this week through a new partnership with Target. The bakery is now selling packages of its soft baked cookies — along with newly created desserts, called truffle crumb cakes — at Target stores nationwide, a spokesperson for the company confirms.

To start, the brand will sell packages of its cookies in several flavors — including confetti, compost, and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow ($4.99 for eight cookies). Birthday, chocolate birthday, and chocolate chip flavored truffle crumb cakes ($2.99 for two) are also available from Target stores beginning this week.

News that the company has inked a deal with a national brand like Target isn’t completely unexpected. In February 2019, Milk Bar founder and acclaimed pastry chef Christina Tosi shared plans to bring the company’s popular baked goods to grocery store shelves nationwide. Meanwhile, earlier this year, the company quietly began selling its desserts at Whole Foods stores across the country.

The new partnerships are the latest in the company’s ongoing plans to grow into a national, household dessert brand. Last year, the company opened its most ambitious project to date: a sprawling 4,000-square-foot flagship store within the Nomad’s Ace Hotel paid for using more than $10 million in capital raised from investors. Tosi likened the store to a daytime “slumber party,” but Eater critic Ryan Sutton found that the company had lost some of its character and much of its charm on the road to the top.

“What was once a cool East Village hangout peddling egg sandwiches alongside cereal-flavored milk has become a national chain with shiny flagships in Melrose, Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; and here, in Manhattan,” he wrote in his January 2020 review. “For those of us who remember the glory days of Milk Bar in the East Village, the new flagship feels like walking through a joint outpost of a Hudson News and a commercial bakery at JFK.”

The latest, but not last, expansion from Milk Bar is now available at Target stores nationwide.