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UES’s Reliable Rotiserrie Georgette Has Closed After Six Years

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The roast meat restaurant started by a Daniel Boulud alum shut down at the year’s end

A roast chicken stuffed with herbs in a basket
Rotisserie Georgette’s chicken
Daniel Krieger/Eater

Well-received Upper East Side roast chicken restaurant Rotisserie Georgette has closed.

The restaurant, opened by 17-year Daniel Boulud vet Georgette Farkas, lasted six years on East 60th Street. A note on the website does not give a reason for the closure; Eater has reached out to Farkas for more information.

Farkas and partner Katina Pappas opened the restaurant in 2013, earning significant press for Farkas’s many years as the public relations director for Boulud. The menu was simple and straightforward, full of French-style roasted meats such as chicken, steak, and lamb. It was instantly acclaimed, with Times critic Pete Wells awarding the place two stars for its “refreshing lack of creativity,” meaning that as a compliment against the onslaught of “compulsory creativity.” But he noted that the restaurant was often empty later at night, due to its sleepy location.

Indeed, attention thinned out over the years for the rotisserie, though it remained highly regarded for its food. One year in, Farkas and Pappas noted plans to open more locations, though that never materialized.

Rotisserie Georgette

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