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Please Behold the Hot Milkman, NYC’s Latest Food World Thirst Trap

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Manhattan Milk’s star delivery man is a former personal trainer

The thirst-trap experts at the Post have graced New York with an incredible new horny food figure: the hot milkman. Frank Acosta of milk delivery company Manhattan Milk is reportedly heating up the city with his personal deliveries of $8-per-gallon milk from local farms. The company’s been around since 2006 and does have other delivery people, but apparently, customers beg for Acosta, flooding the company’s Instagram DMs with flirtations and eggplant emojis.

In clearly highly staged accompanying video, women customers ham it up, flirting with Acosta and gripping his biceps — biceps gained by hauling dirty rubber tires around his farm (why those tires need moving, we don’t know). His hotness-as-advertising material has the same subtly as taking one of said tires and getting beaten over the head with it.

Some key details:

— Acosta is a former personal trained who briefly dated Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd.

— He drinks whole milk before his workout and chocolate milk afterward, every day.

— His hotness has its downsides: He claims that some customers have canceled because of jealous husbands.

— “Do people want it from me? 110 percent,” he says of regular clients. “I don’t take vacations.”

— He dates women, but not if they don’t drink milk.

Watch the whole, gloriously scripted video for more on Acosta, who seems like both a Sex and the City character and a last ditch effort to save the failing cow milk industry.