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De Blasio Deletes Latest Terrible Food Opinion on Toasting Fresh Bagels

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#BagelGate, #ToasterGate, etc.

The exterior of the shop Bagel Hole in park slope which has a brown awning
Bagel Hole in Park Slope, Brooklyn
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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to dig himself out of yet another deplorable food opinion.

On Wednesday, the mayor tweeted that he simply loves the toasted bagel at Park Slope’s iconic Bagel Hole — except A) like the rest of the city’s best bagel spots, Bagel Hole does not have a toaster and makes bagels fresh, the old-fashioned way and B) all true New Yorkers know that toasting a fresh bagel is blasphemy.

Sure, toasting an older bagel makes sense — and bagel-shaming in general needs to take a hike — but de Blasio backtracked, deleting his tweet and reposting a new one sans a toasted mention.

NYC Twitterati is having a field day dragging the mayor; “bagel hole” is now one of the highest trending searches on Twitter, with even Times critic Pete Wells weighing in and calling it #toastergate. “It’s like saying the go-to order at your favorite slice joint is cauliflower, hold the cheese,” he added.

But New Yorkers have now come to expect this from the mayor that eats his pizza with a fork and knife — a toasted bagel is only the latest slip up in what some are joking is the “darkest era of NYC leadership.”

Bagel Hole opened in Park Slope in 1985, and its bagels are considered some of the best in the city. The barebones, cash-only bakery makes its bagels the old-fashioned way: The shop boils them in water first and then bakes them to give them a nice crispy exterior — not that the mayor would know anything about that.

Bagel Hole

400 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 788-4014 Visit Website