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Incredibly, a Popeyes in Nomad Still Has Like 10 Chicken Sandwiches Left

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“After that, bye bye”

A fried chicken sandwich with a red background
The coveted chicken sandwich
Popeyes [Official]

Unbelievably, there are in fact a very small number Popeye’s chicken sandwiches left in New York. An employee at the location at 75 Lexington Ave., at East 26th Street, confirms that it’s still selling the product that people have been resorting to violence in order to buy.

After social media hoopla around the fried chicken chain’s new sandwich, the official Popeyes Twitter announced last week that it had sold out everywhere across the country. But employee Rebeka Roni at Lex and 26th tells Eater that she thinks they’ll probably still have them for one or two hours, until around 3 p.m. at best. “After that, I can’t promise,” she says, adding that she’s trying “my best.”

How did they manage to keep some in stock at all? The restaurant put a sign up saying that it’s out of the sandwiches for now at corporate’s behest, so most people stopped asking for it, Roni says. But some diners know about the secret stash, and if someone does order it, staff is checking on the supply before agreeing. Regardless, once this round is out, it’s out until the company resends supply to restaurants. “I don’t have that much,” she says, only about 10. “After that, bye bye.”

Run if you’re interested. Otherwise, eat literally anything else. Truly anything.

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