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Midtown Lunch Scene Gains an Asian Food Hall Friday

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8SIA comes from the acclaimed Yaso team

A spread of sushi and and sushi bowls with chopsticks and drinks on a table Valeria Pinto [Official]

Asian street food gets a new stage at 8SIA, Midtown’s newest food hall opening tomorrow, backed by the critically acclaimed Yaso team.

It’s a two-story food hall at 220 East 42nd Street from Yaso’s founders, childhood friends Chi Zhang and Kevin Gu, and their culinary “yaso,” or uncle, chef Zong Xing Tu, who is formerly the founding chef of the popular Joe’s Shanghai. 8SIA will have an outpost of their newest Shanghainese noodle restaurant Yaso Noodle Bar, which opened its first location in Greenwich Village in August. Meanwhile, four other vendors will sell sushi, curry, egg bubble waffles, and bubble tea.

The 2,400-square-foot food hall takes inspiration from traditional Asian architecture, such as classic Chinese arch structures, red graphics on cement walls, dark marble countertops, and wooden and metallic furniture. Four vendors including Yaso noodle bar will be located on the first floor, while a bubble tea shop and 35-seat dining area will be on the second floor.

8SIA opens Friday, September 27, at 11 a.m. It’s open daily until 9 p.m. Learn about the new vendors below:

Yaso Noodle Bar

This is the second location of the new fast-casual noodle restaurant, which the Yaso team opened in Greenwich Village in August. Dry noodles bowls are topped with various proteins such as lionhead meatball, ribs, crawfish, and tofu, while appetizers include spicy seared pork dumplings that sport a crispy bottom, pork and vegetable baos, and chicken wings.

A bowl of curry and rice on a yellow and peach background Curry 42 [Official]


This counter-service spot will focus on Southeast Asia-inspired curries, with a menu offering a classic Thai green curry, yellow curry, and panang red curry paired with rice or vegetables. It’s the first solo venture from chef Chian Tia Pua.


Sushi rolls and bowls will be sold here, such as the “Mount Fuji” roll with mango and crunchy spicy tuna, topped with tuna, salmon, avocado, and sweet soy. It’s a restaurant from chef Tony Ni of Suteishi and Sushi-teria and business partner Victor Chan.

Two bubble waffle cones, one standing up and another lying down Bee Patterns [Official]

Bee Patterns

A dessert shop inspired by Hong Kong, with a menu centered on egg bubble waffles paired with gelato. They’ll include an ostrich egg bubble waffle made with ostrich egg batter and served with a scoop of zabaione gelato and fresh honeycomb, and the black sesame waffle served with red velvet gelato, homemade marshmallow, and pecans.

Debutea Mini

An offshoot of Greenwich Village teahouse Debutea. Bubble tea like one made with fresh taro, brown sugar boba, and lactose-free milk will be on tap, as well as fruit tea and cheese tea, which is topped with a sweet and salty whipped cream cheese and milk foam available in different tea flavors.


220 East 42nd Street , Midtown,

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