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Williamsburg Gained One of the City’s Top Cocktail Bars This Week

Plus, another critic checks into the new Pastis — and more intel

A sign that says Amor y Amargo Amor y Amargo [Official Photo]

Williamsburg gains a top Manhattan bitters bar

Another Manhattan hit has expanded into Brooklyn: This time, East Village bitters destination Amor y Amargo has opened a new location in Williamsburg. The cocktail bar specializes in high-quality drinks made with bitters, and it’s bringing two legacy drinks from its Manhattan location, the 8 Amaro Sazerac (eight different amari with two types of bitters in a Chartreuse-rinsed glass) and Sharpie Mustache (amaro, Bonal, bitters, rye, and gin).

The spot helmed by vegan restaurateur Ravi DeRossi and renowned bartender Sother Teague has a vegan food menu and 24 seats, plus an extra 10 outside. It’s now open at 188 Havemeyer Street, near Borinquen Place.

In other news

— The new Pastis has lost its sexy edge and now feels “something like the mall’s cafeteria,” writes New Yorker critic Hannah Goldfield. But the critic did enjoy a few classics, such as the “crisp and coarsely salted” frites, mussels that came in a “extra-buttery” white wine broth, and the “juicy” hangar steak.

— Chef Marco Moreira reopened his high-end Flatiron French restaurant Tocqueville this week, according to a press release. It’s sporting a new fall menu of chilled zucchini soup, truffled parmesan grits, duck sausage, seared sea scallops with foie gras, and Sriracha-marinated filet mignon.

— There’s a new bakery headed to the Lower East Side called Partybus Bake Shop.

Bareburger is reopening at 795 Columbus Avenue with a new menu that’s half vegetarian.

— Beijing import DaDong is giving diners free mooncakes with their meals from September 12 to 14 in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a spokesperson tells Eater.

Weekend plans?

Amor y Amargo

188 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211