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Mario Carbone Is Having His Best Hot Girl Summer on Insta

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The Major Food Group chef just joined Instagram, and he’s killing it

Mario Carbone at the Grill
Gary He/Eater

The dog days of hot girl summer are reaching a peak with the truly delightful addition of chef Mario Carbone to Instagram.

Though tons of chefs have been using Instagram as a promotional platform for years, Carbone only joined a week ago and has dropped several gems since then. The Major Food Group chef has managed to cheekily boast about his world travels, luxe meals, and waspy charity events — all while remaining down-to-earth and somewhat sarcastic, showing the naiveté of someone just learning the ins and outs of the app.

“It took me all this time to get over the idea that this is an invasion of privacy and really get behind it as a means of expression,” he told Eater via Instagram DM. “I’m trying to just have fun with it and also let it be more than just food. You’ll def get a recipe every now and again but you may also get a photo of Paulie Walnuts [shrug emoji].”

Like a dad doing his best to understand what the young kids are doing these days, Carbone has shared everything from photos of his girlfriend to cartoons and movies he likes to poorly shot videos of signs. It’s only been a week and the Grill and Santina chef already has over 1,000 followers. Below, find an analysis of what Carbone has been doing best.

Proud mom alert

Carbone and his girlfriend Cait Bailey — a “brand consultant” who’s all over his account and seems to run in celebrity circles — attended a charity Polo Cup, and they’re in their Hamptons best. Carbone’s in a casual summer look, outfitted in cropped white pans with casual loafers and a fedora. His mom mommed all over the photo, commenting “Gorgeous couple!!” with two kiss-face emojis.

Capri hammock hanging

Click over to the fourth photo in this slideshow of Capri to find Carbone living his best life in a hammock with the Amalfi coast sprawled out behind him.

A gratuitous shot of luxury cars and Gucci luggage

For no reason whatsoever, Carbone implores his followers to “enjoy” this one.

Untraditional cooking videos

If you came here for chef content, Carbone’s got you covered. He still simultaneously manages to get that luxe, luxe lifestyle in a video of him making feta dumplings in Greece. A recent story he posted also showed how to make deep-fried tomato rings at the Grill.

There’s even some slight shade

Carbone’s got jokes, folks. He posted a video of a Salt Bae sign in Turkey, writing that he stumbled across this “hidden gem.”

And some “throwback” love for his partners

Business partners Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick of course make appearances on the account, too, mainly in places like Cannes. But then there’s also this sweet, perfectly captioned throwback of Carbone and Torrisi in their early, less hyped days.

Sometimes he just needs an espresso

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Jet lag is killing’s espresso’clock

A post shared by Mario Carbone (@mariocarbone) on

Jet lag is rough, and Carbone manages to tell you he’s been traveling the world while also charmingly sharing a random photo of Paulie Walnuts of The Sopranos.