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Authorities Shut Down Pizza Icon Di Fara for Unpaid Taxes

Tax authorities seized the Midwood pizzeria today, saying it owes over $167K

Fresh basil being tossed atop a big pizza pie. Nick Solares/Eater

One of New York’s legendary pizzerias is now temporarily closed: Tax authorities seized Di Fara in Midwood today for owing the state more than $100,000.

Di Fara located at 1424 Ave. J currently owes about $167,500 in unpaid taxes, the New York State Tax Department tells Eater. The restaurant was ordered shut earlier today and a photo of the yellow “seized” sign plastered on its door is already circulating on Twitter.

Eater has reached out to Di Fara for comment. A Go Fund Me page claiming it wants to “bail” the pizzeria out has already surfaced, with a goal of $80,000.

The famed pizza shop most recently made headlines in May when the health department shut it down for a series of violations, including evidence of live mice and storing food at improper temperatures. The pizzeria has run into trouble with the city’s health department a number of times in the past, including in 2018, 2011, and 2007.

What makes Di Fara one of New York’s most famous pizzerias is the man behind the pies, owner Dom DeMarco. DeMarco is still sometimes on-site personally making the pizzas, which come liberally topped with parmesan and fresh basil. Last year, the pizza shop expanded for the first time to Williamsburg food hall, which remains open.

Di Fara Pizza

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