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Chef April Bloomfield Just Moved Back to NYC

Plus, a new ice cream shop hits Long Island City — and more intel

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April Bloomfield
April Bloomfield
Daniel Krieger/Eater

April Bloomfield is back in NYC

Following her departure from the 100-year-old San Francisco restaurant Tosca Cafe, chef April Bloomfield has returned to NYC, home to her only remaining restaurant, the Breslin in the Ace Hotel. NYC is also home to the restaurant where she first gained prominence in the restaurant world, the Spotted Pig. But in the aftermath of her business separation from restaurateur Ken Friedman, who was accused by more than ten women of sexual harassment, control of the Spotted Pig went to Friedman. Tosca Cafe is supposed to reopen under new management. At the Breslin, which has been open since 2010, Bloomfield’s meaty menu centers gastropub fare like blood sausage with a fried duck egg and a porter house pork chop. It had a Michelin star from 2011 until this year.

Upper East Side restaurant allegedly vets its diners via Google

The Bilboquet reboot Fleming by Le Bilboquet supposedly has its staff Google any unrecognized customers and determine whether they’re important enough (read: famous enough) to eat in the restaurant, according to the Post. Employees told the Post that the policy of looking up names for reservations is specifically designed to keep out anyone who isn’t rich and famous. A representative for the restaurant acknowledged the Google policy but refuted the allegations of it being used to discriminate.

A new ice cream option hits NYC today

Long Island City is now home to a new location of Four Winters, an ice cream shop with locations in London, Jordan, Egypt, and Los Angeles. This is its first East Coast location, open today at 47-38 Vernon Blvd., between 47th Road and 48th Avenue. It debuted in London in 2013 and uses liquid nitrogen to make its hand-churned ice creams, which here come in flavors like fudge brownie, cereal crunch, as well as a vegan chocolate peanut butter.

A tech startup in the Bronx is at the cutting edge of seafood delivery

The Fulton Fish Market—a wholesale seafood market that has been in NYC for two centuries—has a new startup called that allows restaurants and individuals from all over the country to buy its fish, which is shipped fresh rather than pre-frozen. The startup’s CEO Mike Spindler had claimed: “I can get a fish to Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska, that’s as fresh as if he’d walked down to the pier and bought it that morning.” Robert DiGregorio, who has worked in the fish market for nearly five decades and is known as “Bobby Tuna,” serves as the arbiter of quality and fish grading, selecting the right product for customers in a job that computers can’t quite replicate due to his deep fish knowledge.


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The Breslin

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