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Williamsburg Hit Win Son’s Anticipated New Taiwanese Cafe Will Be a Pastry Extravaganza

The team behind Taiwanese hit Win Son will open their bakery and all-day cafe on September 3

A neat spread of seven pine nut sun cookies on a marble top
Pine nut sun cookies
Laura Murray [Official]

The team behind Brooklyn’s essential Taiwanese restaurant Win Son has been teasing diners with a Sunday pop-up of its highly anticipated bakery over the past few weeks, and now the team tells Eater that Win Son Bakery is on track to open September 3.

Win Son Bakery will bring versions of Taiwan’s breakfast pastries, fried chicken, and milk bread sandwiches to a 35- to 40-seat space at 164 Graham Ave., which sits across the street from the critically praised Win Son. In the last month, people been lining up for the Sunday pop-ups for items like a mochi doughnut.

Once officially open, the cafe will at first only serve breakfast and dinner: In the morning, it’ll have coffee, pastries and breakfast sandwiches made on brioche-like Taiwanese milk bread or dan bings, a rolled pancake-omelette hybrid, while fried chicken and other sandwiches arrive later in the day. Following Taiwanese tradition, salty and sweet soy milk will be made in-house, served here alongside coffee from Variety Coffee Roasters.

Chef Trigg Brown, who is running the bakery with Win Son co-owner Josh Ku and former general manager Jesse Shapell, says they want the big draw to be a varied selection of constantly changing pastries. Created by pastry chef and baker Danielle Spencer, who Brown worked with at Craft, options will include a mochi doughnut with black sesame sugar; an egg custard tart with black sugar; a date cake; and French canelés spiced with Taiwanese whisky. There’s also a milk bread donut with red rice glaze, which Brown says looks like the pink-frosted “Simpsons” doughnut.

The drink menu will have cocktails with Taiwanese ingredients, natural wine, Taiwanese beer, and a slushie made with Kinmen Kaoliang, a brand of Taiwanese baijiu, lime juice, Sichuan peppercorns, and black cherry liqueur, Shapell says. Salads and vegetables will be available as side dishes, and there’s potential for barbecue too, Brown says.

A few of the pastries have already made an appearance at the bakery, where the team has been testing and previewing a few of items in a Sunday-only pop-up. The pop-up has drawn lines over the past four weeks for its soft serve flavored with corn or purple sweet potato and topped with berry jams, as well as those mochi doughnuts, all of which will be available once it officially opens.

The last pop-up will be this weekend, when the team plans to debut the bakery’s egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches on milk bread or a dan bing.

Win Son Bakery opens Tuesday, September 3, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. for breakfast and lunch, and reopens for dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Win Son Bakery

164 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (917) 909-1725 Visit Website

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