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Momofuku Is Plotting an Asian-American Slider Restaurant

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Plus, the Malaysian pancake at Chinatown restaurant Let’s Makan is a “small miracle,” critic says — and more intel

Marguerite Zabar Mariscal sitting inside a restaurant wearing a blue denim dress.
Marguerite Zabar Mariscal
Momofuku [Official Photo]

Momofuku’s next fast-food restaurant could be an Asian-American slider joint

New Momofuku CEO Marguerite Zabar Mariscal tells the Times she wants the company’s portfolio — which is now generating nearly $100 million in restaurant revenue annually — to go beyond sit-down restaurants. Concepts like Korean wrap takeout spot Bāng Bar and Hudson Yards convenience store Peach Mart come to mind, and the next fast-casual idea has already been drawn up: a slider shop.

Momofuku has plans to open what Mariscal describes as “an Asian-American White Manna,” which is an old-school hamburger shop from Hackensack, New Jersey. No word on where the slider restaurant will appear first, but the Times is positioning the slider joint (and both Peach Mart and Bāng Bar) as the next potential Fuku, which now has 12 locations. A spokesperson tells Eater that nothing is “solidified” at this moment.

Elsewhere in the very long profile of Mariscal, the young CEO is credited with bringing more comfort to Momofuku restaurants, including insisting on chairs with backs.

In other news

— The Malaysian pancake known as apam balik is the thing to get at Chinatown restaurant Let’s Makan, writes Hungry City critic Ligaya Mishan. The pancake is “dosa-thin,” crisp on the edges, and stuffed with sugary crushed peanuts — she calls it “a small miracle.”

New Yorker writer Shauna Lyon digs the “artful appetizers” and “nonchalant atmosphere” at L’Accolade, though she notes some mishaps with the entrees.

— Mulberry Street gets a slice shop: Manero’s is now open in Little Italy, backed by Roman Grandinetti, who runs the sandwich shop at nearby Regina’s Grocery, and Nima Garos of Jajaja.

— Mediocre New York pizza chain Artichoke Basille is opening a restaurant in Oakland, California.

— Historic Chinatown tofu shop Fong On makes a comeback at 81 Division St. this Saturday.

— This developer is trying to boot two longtime kosher cafes Great American Health Bar and Café Classico from 57th Street, best known as Billionaires’ Row.

— “Bake on Senator Warren,” says New York pastry chef Miro Uskokovic — who asked the internet to stop bullying presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her imperfect strawberry shortcake.

— Is this cup of coffee really worth $10? Grub Street delves into why a cup of coffee at Devocion’s pop-up over at East Village Japanese café Hi-Collar is selling for $10.

— Stop the war on summer:

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