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A $100 Gold-Infused Lobster Roll Is NYC’s Latest Extravagance

Plus, the West Village is gaining an upscale dessert bar — and more intel

A spread of lobster rolls with a side of fries and ketchup.
BK Lobster
BK Lobster [Official]

Apparently there’s a market for $100 gold-infused lobster rolls in Brooklyn

There’s a new lobster roll shop heading to Crown Heights this week — with a $100 roll that comes “infused” with 24K gold. To make matters more luxurious, the restaurant dubbed BK Lobster will serve the golden lobster with a glass of wine that has 23K gold flakes in it. It’s not the first expensive gimmick to hit Brooklyn: Sunset Park was also once home to the country’s most expensive cup of coffee, though that cafe closed last year.

The rest of the BK Lobster menu is decidedly less dramatic and centers on more average, if uniquely flavored rolls around $20. The restaurant’s tagline boasts “experience lobster rolls the Brooklyn way,” and as such, each sandwich on the menu is named after a Brooklyn neighborhood. For instance, the “Flatbush roll” comes with jerk sauce to represent its Caribbean community and the “Bay Ridge roll” with roasted peppers and Italian dressing.

Owner Rodney Bonds has developed franchises across the country and founded the Magic Soul Food chain in NYC, which he no longer owns. BK Lobster opens at 535 Nostrand Ave., between Herkimer Street and Atlantic Avenue — a stretch of the neighborhood that doesn’t have a ton of dining options beyond fast-food chains and the excellent David’s Brisket House — on Saturday at 3 p.m.

In other news

— An upscale dessert bar is headed to the West Village: Marble Dessert Bar will be a 14-seat counter serving specialty coffee during the day and a prix-fixe dessert menu in the evening, in which the chefs will prepare the desserts live.

— Is there a better combo than pizza on the beach? Emmy Squared is delivering pizzas to Jacob Riis Beach on Saturday. The pizzas must be pre-ordered at and will be available for pick up at the beach between 1 p.m. and 1:45 p.m.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar is just now cashing in on that sweet summer patio dining. The East Village restaurant has added outdoor patio seating and a new snacks menu, which will run through the fall with dishes like smoked trout dip with chicharron and spicy longfin tuna confit with fingerling potatoes.

— The New York State Liquor Authority is trying to set a 10 percent cap on the commissions that third-party delivery platforms like Grubhub charge restaurants.

— A behind-the-scenes look at City Winery’s major move across town.

— Police confiscated 5,000 cartons of cigarettes, a ton of boxes of snuff, and at least over 1,000 bottles of spirits, all valued at over half a million dollars, from an unlicensed grocery store in Kensington.

Forbes writer digs the Argentinian fare and “impressive” wine list at East Village restaurant Buenos Aires.

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