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El Bulli Chef and Aska Team Up for a $1,275-Per-Head Dinner Next Month

Ferran Adrià will be at the dinner

Aska’s dining room looking into an open kitchen with chefs at work, with a backyard garden beyond Aska [Official Photo]

Williamsburg Nordic fine-dining restaurant Aska is throwing an extravagant dinner in honor of the world’s most revered chef. Ferran Adrià, of El Bulli fame, will attend and speak at the meal — one that comes with a hefty price tag at $1,275- to $1,500-per-person.

Aska chef Fredrik Berselius is cooking the dinner, which takes Aska’s dishes such as sea oak and blue mussel or razor clam and resin from black pine, but reimagining how they would have been made at El Bulli. The focus will primarily be on seafood such as seaweed and shellfish.

El Bulli was open until 2011 on the coast of Spain and earned a reputation as the world’s best restaurant, before titles like that were handed out on bogus lists sponsored by San Pellegrino. Adrià is known as the pioneer of molecular gastronomy cooking, a style that takes scientific techniques to cook food. He famously created foams, and served dishes like a spherical melon caviar. Now Adrià runs the El Bulli Foundation, a think tank of sorts for cooking, and at the dinner he’ll talk about the latest happenings at the foundation.

It’s not hard to spend a lot of money dining out in New York City, but this dinner is at the tippy top of the game. A meal at Per Se can reach $720, while one at Masa is $595 before tax and drinks. A meal at Aska is usually $265 per person before tax, tip, and drinks.

The one-night-only event goes down on Thursday, September 26 and comes with copies of the Aska and El Bulli cookbooks — alone a $685 value. Tickets are available here for the main dining room and here for the private dining room.


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