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Hudson Yards’s Fancy Equinox Hotel Gets a Restaurant from a James Beard Winner Tonight

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Electric Lemon, from restaurateur Stephen Starr, opens inside Equinox’s first-ever luxury hotel

A colorful salad from Electric Lemon Corry Arnold/Electric Lemon [Official Photo]

Tonight, James Beard-award winning restaurateur Stephen Starr opens his clean-eating restaurant at Hudson Yards, with a menu that matches the health and wellness aura of the Equinox-branded hotel it’s housed in.

Electric Lemon opens for dinner on the 24th floor of the Equinox Hotel, the fitness brand’s first luxury hotel, at 33 Hudson Yards tonight. As is common for hotel restaurants, it’ll be open all day, with breakfast and lunch arriving tomorrow. The food created by chef Kyle Knall, a former Maysville chef who was brought onto Starr’s restaurant group for the project, is meant to be decidedly “clean,” which he’s interpreting as containing lots of local veggies, high nutrient foods like bee pollen, and smoothies.

Diners, whether staying in the hotel or not, can expect an egg white and vegetable omelette; soft egg crepes with beef tartare and smoked oyster sauce; vegetable salad with sunflower seeds and lemon vinaigrette; and oysters roasted with cider-soaked hay and shallot vinegar.

Chickpea pasta and tomatoes at Electric Lemon
Chickpea pasta
Corry Arnold/Electric Lemon [Official Photo]
Wild striped bass with summer vegetables at Electric Lemon
Wild striped bass with summer vegetables
Corry Arnold/Electric Lemon [Official Photo]

Heartier meals are available throughout the day, such as a chickpea pasta, a whole roasted trout served with no bones, and a ribeye steak accompanied by chimichurri and tomato salad. Everything is cooked simply, meant to taste like a home-cooked meal but with ingredients that have been carefully sourced from New York farms and purveyors, Knall says. See the opening dinner menu below.

“The food in the hotel is actually conceived in a way that is comforting and nourishing at the same time,” Knall says.

As for drinks, beverage manager Natascha Patterer is behind green cocktails like one with a prosecco base and syrup made from leftover pea shells, and another with sorrel juice and mezcal.

A semifreddo dessert with two watermelon-looking frozen treats
Watermelon semifreddo
Corry Arnold/Electric Lemon [Official Photo]

Electric Lemon has a 62-seat indoor dining room, a bar, and a lounge area near a fireplace. Outside, there’s a big 32-seat terrace with another bar and more lounging space. The restaurant is open for hotel guests and the public alike, and it’ll provide room service, as well as menus around the hotel’s social spaces. The hotel itself comes with a spa, a SoulCycle, a lounge, and the biggest Equinox gym in existence, including a salt water pool, a plunge pool, and an outdoor “leisure” pool.

The opening marks Starr’s second new restaurant this year after the revival of Pastis, which he is now running full time. His company is also behind acclaimed restaurants such as Le Coucou and Upland.

Electric Lemon opens for dinner tonight at 5 p.m., and begins its all-day service Friday, August 2.

Electric Lemon

33 Hudson Yards, NY, NY 10001