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A Blowout Meal for Two at Korean Gem Atomix Will Now Scratch $1K

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But it’s still on the lower end of prices for upscale NYC tasting menus

Some dishes Photo by Louise Palmberg

One of the city’s most acclaimed and extravagant openings of 2018 has become even more expensive. Atomix, Ellia Park and Junghyun Park’s chef’s counter spot that earned three Eater stars, three NYT stars, a Michelin star, and a best new restaurant nod, has officially joined the two-hundred-dollar club.

The ten-course Korean tasting, $175 per person at the time of the review cycle, is now $205, a price hike that snuck under the radar earlier this year. That means dinner for two, after service charge and tax, will cost at least $528. Add on optional wine pairings, and you’re at $928.

Previously, that same meal would’ve ran around $850.

Junghyun, who also runs Atoboy with Ellia, attributed the increases to rising rents and labor costs; the minimum wage went up to $15 in January. He also said the cost of ingredients was a factor, which he now sources directly, bringing in jangs and other sauces from Korea, as well as langoustines from Norway and fish from Japan.

But Atomix’s new price still puts it at the lower end of longer tasting menus in New York, be they chef’s counter affairs at Atera ($285) or Brooklyn Fare ($362), sushi counter experiences at Ichimura or Amane ($300), or dining room bacchanalias like Per Se ($355 to $720).

Indeed, diners don’t seem phased by the uptick in pricing; Atomix is completely sold out for the rest of July and all of August — with the exception of two remaining seats for a $350 collaboration dinner with the three-Michelin-starred SingleThread.

Atomix, which holds one Michelin star, can still accommodate walk-ins at the upstairs a la carte bar.


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