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In-N-Out Stumped by the Lone Burger on an NYC Street

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Plus, Katana Kitten wins an award — and more intel

An In-N-Out burger
An In-N-Out burger

Black couple calls out Angry Orchard cider brewery for racial profiling

A doctor and her boyfriend got engaged this weekend at Angry Orchard’s Hudson Valley cider brewery — but say they were interrupted by staffers who claimed the couple or someone in their group had stolen a t-shirt. Marie Cleone wrote in a Facebook post that she had “never been so humiliated in my life” after Angry Orchard employees allegedly repeatedly approached the couple, insisting they had stolen a shirt and requesting that they empty their pockets and bags. Cleone then asked them if this was because they were black, which employees told her was not the case. Nonetheless, as the group left, Cleone says staffers took photos and video of them and her license plate. Angry Orchard told People magazine that it had reached out and apologized to Cleone and said it “mishandled the situation” and is “working on additional training” for its team.

In-N-Out has no idea where that Queens burger came from either

New Yorkers are just as puzzled as the man who found a pristine In-N-Out burger on a Queens street this weekend. They’ve taken to social media to offer theories such as that it was a prop from a TV or film shoot or that the burger is a seed that could grow into a mature In-N-Out restaurant. Even Queens congresswoman AOC has chimed in, quoting the original burger finder in a tweet. But In-N-Out can offer no clarity — the beloved West Coast fast-food chain said in a statement to Vice that “it is a mystery” how the burger ended up in Jamaica.

Closings and coming attractions in the East Village

The East Village location of Pizza Rollio has closed, though there are additional locations in Chelsea and the Plaza hotel food court, and Chinese Graffiti at 171 Ave A. has been closed as of late, though there’s no messaging about the closure. Cal-Mex chain Calexico is headed to 99 Second Ave., as well as a coffee shop called 787 Coffee directly next door.

Katana Kitten nabs “best new American bar” award

West Village Japanese cocktail bar Katana Kitten is the latest recipient of the Spirited Award’s best new American bar title. The cheeky bar has been open since July 2018, with the upstairs area dedicated to pristine Japanese cocktails and the downstairs a more rowdy basement vibe. Other award winners include Greenwich Village negroni destination Dante as world’s best bar and Lower East Side cocktail bar Attaboy as Best American cocktail bar.

Macy’s Herald Square in hot water after fat-shaming plate controversy

Dinner plates at Macy’s Herald Square location have caused an uproar online. The plates feature differently sized circles for different portions, labeled names like “mom jeans” for the largest, “favorite jeans” for the middle circle, and “skinny jeans” for the smallest. New Yorker Alie Ward tweeted her disgust alongside a photo of the plates, which racked up 45,000 likes and more than 5,000 retweets. Macy’s has pulled the plates, a product of a company called Pourtions, from the shelves.