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NYPD Shuts Down AriZona Iced Tea Sneaker Pop-Up After Two Assaults

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NYPD was called to disperse the unruly crowd

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The AriZona Adidas colllaboration

An AriZona Iced Tea pop-up selling 99-cent branded Adidas sneakers turned chaotic Thursday morning when a massive, unruly crowd formed — with two people reporting assaults, according to the NYPD.

Police shut down the pop-up at 208 Bowery Thursday morning before it even opened due to “overwhelming demand and safety concerns,” AriZona stated on Twitter. The shop was supposed to open at 9 a.m., but the huge crowd got violent: NYPD tells Eater that a 15-year-old male and a 17-year-old female were reportedly assaulted while waiting in line. They were reportedly sent to the hospital. Two males were also taken into custody in a separate incident, with charges pending, according to police.

AriZona stans reportedly showed up over 12 hours before the pop-up was supposed to open and began pushing each other in line two hours before the event’s opening time. They were all hoping to snag the $1 sneakers outfitted with the signature pink and green AriZona aesthetic — which is suddenly everywhere again, including on restaurant menus.

People became upset when they found out they may not be getting into the shop, prompting someone to hit the female victim on the head with a bottle, an eyewitness tells Business Insider. Some people had stood through rain, in line since 1 a.m., while others were also were injured in line, according to comments left on AriZona’s Facebook page.

“We are actively working to remedy the situation,” the brand says in a statement released online. NYPD says the crowds have since been dispersed.

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