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City Seizes Standout Roman Pizzeria La Rossa After Just 7 Months in Soho

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The restaurant serving pies from a famed Italian pizzaiolo has been seized by the marshal

La Rossa
La Rossa
Rico Cruz/Eater

After a splashy opening thanks to its credentialed pizzamaker, Roman pizzeria La Rossa in Soho has closed, according to Bowery Boogie, which reports that the space has been seized by the marshal.

La Rossa opened in December 2018, as the first NYC pizza restaurant from Italian pizzaiolo Stefano Callegari, who is credited as the inventor of the street food sensation trapizzino. Callegari opened his first pizzeria in Rome in 2005 and went on to operate eight restaurants around the world. Here in New York, his La Rossa focused on 12-inch circular pies, some of which reimagined other classic Roman dishes as pizzas, as with the cacio e pepe pie.

But it was La Rossa’s simple margherita pie that caught the attention of Eater senior critic Robert Sietsema, writing: “The margherita was denser than the other examples in town and exceptionally cheesy; every bite was a pleasure.” During the day, the restaurant also served pizza al taglio, square slices served from the counter.

The landlord now has possession of the building. City marshals can seize properties involved in civil matters, which includes rent, taxes, and landlord disputes. Most restaurants do not re-open after being seized, as has been the case for NYC restaurants like Kate’s Joint, Raw Material, Lanza’s, and Fatty ‘Cue.

Eater has reached out for more information, and calls to the restaurant went unanswered.

La Rossa

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