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Sleeper Hit E.A.K. Ramen Opens in Hell’s Kitchen Wednesday

E.A.K. Ramen, known for its less ubiquitous iekei broth, is opening its second location

E.A.K. Ramen Hell’s Kitchen Blank Design [Official Photo]

E.A.K. Ramen — a newly minted Eater 38 member known for its less ubiquitous iekei broth, a blend of pork with chicken and soy-based ramen — opens an outpost in Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow.

The restaurant will move into a 50-seat space at 360 West 46th St., near Ninth Avenue, with an expanded menu including vegan and vegetarian options and plenty of sake, in addition to its signature ramen. New menu items only available at this location include poke bowls, deep-fried tofu karaage with garlic sauce, mushroom fried rice, and bao buns.

Chef Kiyoyuki Miyashita, who’s been with the Japanese import for over a decade, is behind ramen options ranging from the iekei broth with thick noodles, spinach, pork belly, and nori to the “umami mushroom ramen” made with a dashi broth, plus mushrooms and spinach noodles. Meat-free options will also include the “Greenhouse Ramen,” a vegetable broth with thin noodles and vegetables like bean sprouts and cabbage.

Slices of pork and noodles sit in a large bowl, alongside a sheet of seaweed onto which the words “But First Ramen” are printed
Zebra ramen
E.A.K. Ramen
E.A.K. Ramen
Deep-fried tofu karaage
Lily Brown [Official Photo]

The chain’s garlicky Zebra bowl, a local favorite, will also be on Hell’s Kitchen menu. Drinks center on sakes, available by the glass or bottle, as well as Japanese craft beers and wine.

E.A.K. is moving into a neighborhood already known for its stellar ramen options; outposts from Ippudo, Totto Ramen, and Ichiran all sit nearby. But the chain differentiates itself with its unique broth offering. In a city where tonkotsu has dominated the ramen scene, E.A.K.’s iekei-style ramen was a fresh addition in 2017, when tons of Japanese chain restaurants were opening in New York City.

That broth and its chewy noodles won E.A.K. the title of imported restaurant of the year — and two years later, it’s West Village outpost remains a hit.

Its new location in Hell’s Kitchen will have 50 seats, including a 10-seat bar and an eight-seat communal table. It opens Wednesday, July 17, with the following hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

E.A.K. Ramen (Hell's Kitchen)

360 West 46th St., New York, NY 10036