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Dumbo’s Splashy New Waterfront Food Hall Shut Down by Health Department

Time Out Market, which opened in late May, is expected to reopen Friday

Time Out Market New York Nicole Fara Silver/Time Out Market [Official Photo]

The health department shut down Dumbo’s new waterfront food hall Time Out Market this week due to a refrigeration issue — saying that the shared walk-in fridge was found at 58 degrees, much higher than what’s considered safe for food, according to the New York Department of Health.

A spokesperson for the food hall says the closure was due to an “electrical repair” and that the market has plans to reopen tomorrow. DOH tells Eater that the refrigerator shared by all the vendors was found at “temperatures that could be potentially hazardous.” All food inside the fridge should have been kept under 41 degrees, according to the Food and Drug Administration standards.

Storing food above those temperatures can increase the risk of food-borne illnesses. Because of this, the commissary kitchen and fridge from which the vendors operate from was ordered closed.

The market, backed by Time Out magazine, opened just over a month ago with an impressive roster of food vendors including hits like Thai favorite Fish Cheeks, popular pizzeria Juliana’s, babka gem Breads Bakery, and pancake hit Clinton St. Baking Co. The 21,000-square-foot market takes up two floors at Dumbo’s Empire Stores at 55 Water Street, which features over 20 food stalls, three full bars, and a rooftop overlooking the East River.

Time Out Market

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