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Three NYC Restaurants Join Eater’s Best New Restaurants in America List

Atomix, Kopitiam, and Adda shined at a national level in the last year

Radish with soybean paste and furikake spice
Radish with soybean paste and furikake spice at Atomix
Louise Palmberg/Eater

As Eater editors ate their way through the country over the past year, their quest to find 2019’s best new restaurants led them to three lauded New York City newcomers: Adda, Atomix, and Kopitiam.

The trio — all of which opened within the past year to much critical acclaim — have each landed a spot on Eater’s list of the best new restaurants in America.

Homestyle Indian cooking reigns at Adda, the Long Island City restaurant from executive chef Chintan Pandya and owner Roni Mazumdar, the same duo behind Rahi. Dishes like fiery lamb curries and bowls of eggy goat brains have propelled the casual spot onto Eater critic Ryan Sutton’s very own list of best new restaurants; garnered a three-star Eater New York review; and two stars in the Times.

Both Atomix and Kopitiam were also named best new restaurants by Sutton — Atomix on the higher end of the fine-dining spectrum for its intellectual tasting menu of modern Korean fare and Kopitiam for its casual and homey Malaysian food, including NYC’s ultimate comfort dish anchovy-laden pan mee.

Kopitiam has been described as the “wholesome version of counter-service dining” that New York needs, and has also received a rosy star from the Times. Atomix has also had its fair share of praise, including three stars from Eater as well as the Times.

See the full list of best new restaurants in America here.

Adda Indian Canteen

31-31 Thomson Avenue, Queens, NY 11101 (718) 433-3888 Visit Website


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151 East Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10002 (646) 609-3785 Visit Website