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A Playful New Cocktail Bar From a Fine Dining Vet Opens on the UWS

Nobody Told Me comes from Nick Pfannerstill, previously of Michelin-starred Dovetail

Nobody Told Me Nobody Told Me [Official Photo]

A promising new cocktail bar has popped up on the Upper West Side from an alum of now-shuttered neighborhood favorite Dovetail.

Nobody Told Me is Nick Pfannerstill’s answer to what the neighborhood currently lacks: quality cocktails accompanied by “lively” bar fare. He’s partnered with Alberto Miranda, who used to run the drinks program at also closed Belle Shoals in Brooklyn, to bring the vision to life. It’s now open at 951 Amsterdam Ave., on 107th street, a few blocks down from Columbia University.

As the location suggests, Nobody Told Me seems tailored to a younger, bar-going crowd: One of the main points of decor is a neon sign of its cursive logo, and there are outlets below tables and bar seats. The food menu ranges from shareable snacks like shrimp rolls and queso, all priced between $5 and $15, to more robust dishes like a burger.

Nobody Told Me Nobody Told Me [Official Photo]

Despite the casual venue and pricing, Pfannerstill’s fine dining background at Michelin-starred Dovetail is visible in certain dishes. The blistered shishito peppers, for instance, come sitting on a Merguez-spiced agave syrup, and the queso is meant to be more like a fondue dotted with preserved perigord truffles.

There are bigger dishes, too, like the barbecue cabbage (green cabbage roasted in smoked butter then griddled and topped with pickled yogurt, kale chips, and barbecue spices), cured yellowtail with serrano peppers and ginger, a spicy chicken sandwich, and an oversized chocolate and toffee cookie served with amaretto-spiked milk.

Nobody Told Me
Spread at Nobody Told Me
Nobody Told Me [Official Photo]

Cocktails such as a carbonated cosmopolitan are the work of Miranda. Some are playful, like the “Pepper Jelly Julep,” which comes with pepper-jelly syrup and ancho chile liqueur rather than mint and is served in a tin can, and a tequila drink served in a Day of the Dead-esque prayer candle. They’re all priced between $12 and $15. Beers, wines, and ciders are also available. See the full menu below.

The 55-seat place bar and restaurant is now open daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Nobody Told Me menu