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City Seizes Dozens of Ice Cream Trucks in Multimillion-Dollar Unpaid Ticket Crackdown

Plus, the McDonald’s international menu is “trash,” critic says — and more intel

soft serve ice cream Beer1024/Shutterstock

An ice cream truck scandal hits the streets of NYC

Apparently an ice cream truck scandal is churning in New York. The Post reports that the Long Island City Sheriff’s Office seized more than 40 trucks on Wednesday — part of a larger network of trucks that owe $4.5 million in unpaid traffic tickets. Some 90 ice cream trucks are part of that crew of “delinquent” vehicles for violations such as running red lights, using bus lanes, or speeding, according to the Post. The trucks that were taken into possession had the most offenses, each owing at least $10,000. Different companies own the trucks, and each time a ticket was issued, the companies would reportedly dissolve just in time to avoid paying it out. A new company would then form, though the owner would technically remain the same. In total, the Post found more than 100 companies as par of the scam to not pay tickets.

The “Worldwide Favorites” menu at the McDonald’s is “greasy, putrid trash fire,” critic says

Steve Cuozzo at the Post checked out the new, limited time menu at McDonald’s that highlights specialties at international locations and finds that all five items could be flushed “down the toilet at once — ghastly flavors, sickly mouthfeel and industrial-tasting sauces.” The Netherlands stroopwafel McFlurry has “asphalt-tough fragments,” and a “Smoky McBacon” sauce that goes on a Spanish quarter-pounder “tastes like chemical solvent.” All the items are available at the chain’s big new Times Square restaurant, which has three levels and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Roberta’s and Red Hook Lobster Pound will soon be available at Rockefeller Center

Roberta’s and Red Hook Lobster Pound are heading to Rockefeller Center for the summer. Starting June 10, the two Brooklyn restaurants will be dishing out favorites like margherita pies and Maine lobster rolls at the center’s North Plaza, between 50th and 51st streets, and Fifth and Sixth avenues. Both will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Man hides out in Staten Island restaurant bathroom filming women

A man was caught filming a woman while she used the restroom at Bruno’s Italian Bakery and Restaurant in Staten Island when he dropped his phone into her stall. The man, identified as Juan Linares, 39, was allegedly hiding in one of the restaurant’s bathroom stalls and began filming the woman in the next stall over by peering over the top. When the woman noticed, she screamed, at which point the man dropped his phone and then tried to crawl under her stall to get it back. Police were called and Linares was charged with unlawful surveillance.

Aldea’s George Mendes launches a healthy pop-up — and some closings

Chef George Mendes of Michelin-starred Aldea has taken over Chef’s Club Counter in Soho at 62 Spring St. for a new pop-up. Until August 28, the restaurant will be serving healthy fare with Portuguese touches from AMAR, including a black rice dish with coco-curry and seared tuna, or a paella made with quinoa. Some options, such as a smoothie bowl, are part of a collaboration between the chef and model Sanne Vloet.

Over in the East Village, Tai Thai is closed for renovations. But counter-service rice noodle shop Just for Fen has shuttered permanently.