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UES Baking Wizard Eli Zabar Opens a New Pastry Shop Downtown

Broome Street Bakery is Eli Zabar’s newest bakeshop, located right next to his son Oliver’s recently opened LES bar Devon

Baking extraordinaire Eli Zabar — the man behind a network of Eli’s-branded markets, restaurants, and bars on the Upper East Side — has brought his empire downtown with Broome Street Bakery, now open next to his son’s new Lower East Side bar.

Broome Street Bakery is located at 254 Broome St., right next to Devon, the cocktail bar and restaurant his son Oliver Zabar opened last November. Though the bar was Oliver’s first solo project, plans for Eli to run the neighboring French-style bakery were always in the works. “We joke that he felt left out without having a place down here,” Oliver said at the time.

Eli’s new bread and pastry haven serves the gamut of bakery fare: Croissants, pain au chocolat, danishes, muffins, a variety of buns, bear claws, biscuits, jelly doughnuts, baguettes, focaccia, and pizza are on the menu. Plus, mozzarella sandwiches paired with prosciutto, salami, or tomato are also available, as well as salads, some of which are packaged to go. See a photo of the restaurant’s menu board below.

Broome Street Bakery Broome Street Bakery [Official Photo]

Oliver says it’s very much a family operation. He and his twin brother Sasha are running the bakery’s day-to-day operations, while Eli is on site doing the baking — some of which will pop up over at Devon. The family also hopes to eventually do wholesale to surrounding restaurants, Oliver tells Eater.

The Zabar family has long shaped New York City’s food scene. Eli is the son of the founders of the iconic Upper West Side Jewish grocery store Zabar’s, though he went on to create his own restaurant network on the UES, starting in 1992 with the famed Eli’s Bread. His business has since grown to about a dozen cafes and shops, and in 2015, he brought his son Oliver on board to open craft beer bar Eli’s Night Shift. Last year, Oliver ventured downtown on his own to open Devon, though his father wasn’t far behind.

The new Broome Street Bakery is now open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Broome Street Bakery
Broome Street Bakery menu
Oliver Zabar [Official Photo]

Broome Street Bakery

254 Broome Street, NYC,