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Pizza Legend L&B Spumoni Gardens Is Plotting a Dumbo Location

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The famed square slices will soon be available near Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s

A whole Sicilian pie in rectangular form with puffy dough
Sicilian pie at L&B Spumoni Gardens
Sonia Chopra/Eater

The iconic square slices of L&B Spumoni Gardens are coming to Dumbo. The 80-year-old Gravesend restaurant — a summer destination known for both its Sicilian slices and its spumoni — is expanding further into Brooklyn, setting up shop steps away from fellow pizzerias Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s, the Post reports.

The new location will be at 46 Old Fulton St., between Elizabeth Place and Hicks Street. Though the original Gravesend location has grown in size since the Barbati family opened it in 1939, the restaurant does not have other locations.

But L&B has become one of New York’s best known pizzerias for its extra-doughy pizza that’s topped with tomato sauce. The colorful, photogenic spumoni — gelato that’s a combo of chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, and candied fruit — is a flagship item, too.

Despite the pizza competition in Dumbo, the owners of both Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s told the Post that they’re not worried. Those restaurants specialize in a pie with a thin crust, versus L&B’s hallmark thicker one. “It’s a different style of pizza. We have lines all the time — people come from all over the world,” Joe Ciolli of Grimaldi’s said.

The restaurant is targeting a fall 2019 opening. Stay tuned for more.

This post has been updated to reflect new information from L&B.

L&B Spumoni Gardens (Dumbo)

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L&B Spumoni Gardens

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