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A Hit Indonesian Pop-Up From Boston Is Heading to NYC This Summer

Plus, a cat cafe is coming to the East Village this weekend — and more intel

Gado-gado from Kaki Lima
Gado-gado from Kaki Lima
Kaki Lima [Official Photo]

Hit Indonesian pop-up will relocate from Boston to NYC

A popular Indonesian pop-up Kaki Lima from the Boston area is relocating to New York City this summer. The well-liked restaurant is backed by chef Retno Pratiwi and her husband and partner Peter Gelling — who will continue cooking in Boston until June, when they plan to move to NYC. In Boston, dishes included kentang-udang balado, a spicy shrimp dish; dadar gulung, coconut-filled pandan crepes; and the Indonesian vegetable and potato salad known as gado-gado.

An opening and a pop-up cat cafe

New West Village Korean restaurant Zusik is now open at 202 West 14th Street, near Sixth Avenue, with $13 cocktails and fusiony dishes like spicy rice cakes and noodle dishes. Plus, this weekend in the East Village, a pop-up cat cafe will set up shop at 526 East 11th St., between Avenues A and B. The pop-up is backed by local adoption agencies Cat Castle and the Crazy Cat Family. Light refreshments and snacks will be on tap, and visitors can get their $15 tickets ahead of time here.

UWS bookstore now pouring wine

Upper West Side’s popular bookstore Shakespeare & Co. is now serving wine ($11) and beer ($6) from its in-house cafe. Located at 2020 Broadway, between 69th and 70th streets, the bookstore has also recently applied for a seven-table outdoor cafe.

The Halal Guys are now selling branded socks

Fans of NYC’s famed homegrown halal food cart the Halal Guys can now purchase socks bearing the restaurant’s logo and other city-themed emojis. It’s a partnership between the restaurant and Toronto-based Halal Socks — and will only be available for a limited time. The branded socks can be purchased here for under $15.

Restaurant owner could be fined $42,000 for rejecting diners with service dogs

Manhattan restaurateur Besim Kukaj — who owns Chelsea restaurants Limon Jungle and Intermezzo could face up to $42,000 in fines for not welcoming diners with service animals into the restaurants. A Limon Jungle customer was kicked out of the restaurant for arriving with his service dog Cookie in 2017, prompting the diner to file a complaint with NYC’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Later, a tester from the Commission of Human Rights was denied a reservation after telling the restaurant there would be a service dog in the group. A final ruling is expected later this month.

Post reporter hangs out in Harlem White Castle to find out how people feel about the Impossible Burger

A Post reporter hung out at a White Castle in Harlem to quiz people on their opinions of the meat-free Impossible Burger. Many diners didn’t realize the vegetarian burger was on the fast-food menu, and several refused to try it — even when offered by the reporter for free. “No, I only eat meat,” one diner said. But White Castle says customers love the stuff; a cashier told the Post that 15 percent of diners order it. The Post writer also stood outside the store offering Impossible Burger sliders to passersby and reports that everyone who tried it gave it a “thumbs-up.” Meanwhile, the newer burger brand is in hot demand and there’s currently a shortage here in NYC.