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Pizza Icon Di Fara Temporarily Shutters Following Failed Health Inspection

The Midwood institution is closed until May 19 after evidence of live mice during an inspection

Fresh basil being tossed atop a big pizza pie.
Di Fara pizza
Nick Solares/Eater

Evidence of mice and other health code violations have led to the closure of Brooklyn pizza institution Di Fara.

The iconic Midwood pizzeria failed a Department of Health inspection on Tuesday, docked 45 points for various violations such as not being vermin-proof, not holding cold food at the proper temperature, and employees having inadequate personal cleanliness, Patch reports. A voicemail at the restaurant says that it will reopen on May 20; Eater has reached out for more information.

This is not the first time Di Fara has had to temporarily shutter for health code violations — Patch reported in 2018 that it was also shuttered for evidence of mice in April of that year. It also had DOH closures in 2011 and 2007.

Di Fara is one of New York City’s most famous pizzerias, legendary for the fact that its 82-year-old owner Dom DeMarco is still sometimes on-site personally making the pies, liberally topped with parmesan and fresh basil. And any health department snafus do not seem to have diminished its popularity. Lines still regularly form on weekends, and in 2018, Di Fara expanded for the first time to Williamsburg food hall North 3rd Street Market. That location is currently open.

Di Fara Pizza

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