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Where Can Bad Bitches on Vacay Dine ‘Sex and the City’-Style?

A visiting reader wants a fun night with friends, Carrie style

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Indochine [Official]

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Dear Eater,

We’re four girls from London and around Australia looking for a Sex and the City-style night out at a restaurant in Manhattan with cocktails for a bit of treat. We’re looking for somewhere that will let us dine on $100 but also where we can all eat. We have one vegan, one vegetarian, and two meat fans. We’re staying on the Upper West Side but are happy to travel for a fun evening. However, not Brooklyn.

The Fab Four

Hi Fab Four!

I’m not sure how literal of a Sex and the City experience you’re looking for, but judging by your exclusion of Brooklyn, you’re definitely channeling the true spirit of the show.

Unfortunately a lot of the restaurants actually featured on the show have sadly closed. But a restaurant that fits all of your criteria and also happened to be featured on the short-lived CW prequel to SATC, The Carrie Diaries, is none other than Indochine, the long-running French-Vietnamese restaurant in Noho.

The menu has a vegetarian section to appease the members of the group who have to stick to plants, including a crispy bean curd dish and grilled portobellos with other sautéed veggies. Then there’s plenty for the meat and fish eaters, including a showy shaking beef that comes sizzling.

Vibe-wise, more than three decades later and Indochine still manages to be pretty cool without trying too hard, and the cocktail list is solid, including a separate list of non-alcoholic cocktails. You might spot a celeb or two, and the plant-patterned wallpaper — which the restaurant has had since before it became a trend — is an ideal Instagram backdrop.




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