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Israeli Hotshot Chef’s Exclusive New Restaurant Is a Little More Accessible Now

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HaSalon, from Eyal Shani, now has a walk-in bar called Left, located in a separate space

Left at HaSalon Left at HaSalon [Official Photo]

Diners can now walk into new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant HaSalon for a taste of chef Eyal Shani’s Israeli cuisine without a reservation — as long as they sit at the new a la carte bar.

The Tel Aviv import and party hotspot opened last month at 735 10th Ave., between 49th and 50th streets, on a reservations-only basis, operating only three days a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, similar to the way the original works in Israel. But the team has now added a new bar called Left with expanded hours and an a la carte menu, an attempt to make Shani’s restaurant fare more accessible. (HaSalon is already booked up for May and has only three days open in June.)

Left is located in a separate space from the main dining room with about 40 seats, including 24 outside. It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday, allowing people to walk in throughout the week for a drink and small bites.

The food menu includes 12 to 14 dishes, many of which appear in the dining room to, such as avocado bruschetta, Challah bread served with roasted peppers and farmer’s cheese, and a reuben grilled cheese toast. See the current menu below. And while there’s no formal drink menu, a couple of daily cocktails are expected soon, as well as possible cocktail pairings in the near future.

HaSalon is Shani’s signature restaurant in Israel, where it’s become known for theatrical dinner parties and a menu centered on seasonal local ingredients. The chef aims to bring that party ambience to his New York outpost — a DJ arrives later in the evening and table-dancing is encouraged. Shani first made his name here in NYC with his wildly popular pita chain Miznon, which just opened a new location on the Upper West Side.

Left at HaSalon opens at 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday and at 11 a.m. on Sundays. Closing time depends on how late the party inside HaSalon’s dining room goes to.

HaSalon NYC

735 Tenth Ave. , NY, NY 10019