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Australian Bakery Icon Bourke Street Bakery Pops Open in Nomad Next Saturday

Get ready for sausage rolls

Tarts from Bourke Street
Tarts from Bourke Street
Bourke Street Bakery [Official]

A cult-followed and legendary Australian bakery is ready for its New York City debut at last. The hotly anticipated Nomad location of Sydney chain Bourke Street Bakery will open next Saturday, May 4 at 15 East 28th St., between Fifth and Madison avenues — serving up its famed menu of pastries, bread, sandwiches, and Aussie treats.

Co-founding chef Paul Allam and Jessica Grynberg will keep the 50-seat bakery and restaurant open all-day from the day one, starting at 7 a.m. and going until 8 p.m. Coffee will accompany baked goods in the morning, while natural wine will be available to join sandwiches and savory fare in the evening. Bread will be baked all day as well, and hours may extend later.

Though NYC’s Australians may eagerly await the bakery’s famed sausage rolls and ginger creme brûlée tarts, Allam has also added a slew of New York specific baked goods and savory dishes to the line-up. A peanut butter and jam pastry is new, and a lox and spouts sandwich has joined the menu. Other options include chorizo and thyme roll, a maple bacon danish, dried plum and custard tart, and rye with salmon rillettes. The lamb and harissa sausage, a favorite of the bakery, will be available as well.

The food adjustments are happening because the chef and baker moved to New York in part to do more seasonal cooking and to play with menu changes more, a return to his roots of savory cooking. Bourke Street started in 2004 as a small rustic corner bakery, a project between Allam and David McGuinness — but it’s since become a chain, which makes it more difficult to change the menu often, Allam has said.

Lots of popular chains come to New York for their first international outposts; few, though, bring along their founding chefs for permanent stays, which makes Bourke Street’s debut particularly enticing.

Stay tuned next week for photos of the space and food, along with more details on what the menu will look like.

Bourke Street Bakery

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