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A Vietnamese Coffee Shop Opens Within An Choi Next Week

The daytime cafe will serve drip and pourover coffees along with speciality lattes in the back of the restaurant

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Cafe Phin
Cafe Phin
Cafe Phin [Official Photo]

A hip Vietnamese coffee supplier will debut its first brick-and-mortar cafe on the Lower East Side next week. Cafe Phin will be a new coffee shop tucked away inside of An Choi, the decade-old pho shop from the same team behind Greenpoint’s Di An Di.

Cafe Phin, opening at 85 Orchard St. at Broome Street, comes from Nguyen Coffee Supply, a small importer, roaster, and supplier of coffee beans from Vietnam. Its owner Sahra Nguyen joined An Choi owner Tuan Bui to open the daytime cafe, which will serve pour over coffee as well as specialty coffee drinks like a sea salt Vietnamese shakerato, an iced latte with a burst of purple courtesy of ube, and a coconut iced coffee.

Ube iced latte
Ube iced latte
Cafe Phin [Official Photo]

The cafe will also serve drip coffee made with its namesake, the phin filter, a simple, metal press used in cafes throughout Vietnam that brews one strong cup of coffee. Cafe Phin will brew Nguyen’s two kinds of beans: a single-origin arabica called “Courage” and a single-origin arabica-robusta blend called “Loyalty.” It will also offer tastings of Vietnam’s famed, wildly expensive elephant coffee, made from beans eaten and excreted by elephants.

Brothers Tuan and Huy Bui opened An Choi a decade ago, an early presence in the city’s growing hip Vietnamese restaurant scene. The Buis—along with partners Kim Hoang and Dennis Ngo—opened Di An Di last spring to critical acclaim. Huy Bui also designed Di An Di, giving it its award-winning look, and one of the primary sources of inspiration was Dalat, the town in Vietnam where Nguyen Coffee Supply sources its beans from a local farm. While Vietnamese restaurants are found all over NYC, cafes dedicated specifically to Vietnamese coffee are far less common.

Cafe Phin opens in An Choi on April 10 and will be open Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

An Choi

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