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Join Eater and the Botanist for a Gin and Tonic Competition

Three NYC bartenders will create updated twists on the classic cocktail at the Eater Test Kitchen

The gin and tonic is a classic cocktail combination, one that Spaniards have been imbibing out of wide-mouth wine glasses with fervor for years. The drink has more than earned its place on thousands of bar menus around the world, but over the last few years the humble G&T has blossomed to show how the thirst-quenching cocktail can be so much more than its two base ingredients, taking on endless new iterations that include muddled fruit, flavored tonics, thoughtful garnishes, and even some liqueurs.

Now, Eater is hosting an event sponsored by gin brand the Botanist, bringing together three New York bartenders for a G&T competition.

On Tuesday, April 30, local New York bartenders Arley Marks of Honey’s in Bushwick, Liza Titova from Baro in K-Town, and Felix Salazar of the Bronx’s Suyo will meet at the Eater Test Kitchen to create updated twists on the classic cocktail with foraged flavors inspired by the over 22 hand-foraged botanicals used to infuse The Botanist gin.

Attendees will vote for their favorites and pick a winner, while Honey’s chef Tara Norvell serves a food menu to go along with it all.

More information and RSVP here.

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