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David Chang’s Hudson Yards Restaurant Kāwi Starts Dinner Service

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Kāwi’s dinner menu includes new dishes like a foie gras terrine kimbap

Kimbap filled with foie gras terrine, pickled daikon, and chives at Kāwi
Kimbap filled with foie gras terrine, pickled daikon, and chives
Andrew Bezek/Kāwi [Official Photo]

Momofuku leader David Chang’s Hudson Yards restaurant Kāwi is now open for dinner — with dishes like foie gras kimbap and rice cake dumplings matching the playful lunch menu from its debut.

Helmed by chef Eunjo Park, Kāwi’s new dinner menu pulls from Korean cuisine but includes elements from other genres, too. The menu, which will change frequently, is divided into sections, following a similar structure as lunch: anju (drinking snacks), hwe (raw fish), greens, rice cakes, stews, meat, and kimbap, ingredients rolled in rice and dried seaweed. A meat section is new with a grilled New York strip, a 28-day dry-aged ribeye, and boiled whole chicken for two.

Other dishes include an oxtail and short rib jjim, inspired by a soy-braised short rib dish known as galbi-jjim in Korea. Here, the oxtail and short rib are cooked in a spice mix of cinnamon and clove, plus soy, and served over a bowl of rice with pickled ginger and habanero chiles. The most up-to-date version of the menu can be seen here.

Kāwi opened with the rest of the Shops at Hudson Yards last month on the fifth floor of the mall, next to Chang’s tiny Asian convenience store Peach Mart. It’s the only full-service Momofuku spot in the mall, though there’s an outpost of fried chicken chain Fuku.

Kāwi is open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and dinner kicks in from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Kawi dinner
Rice cake dumplings, in which diced rice cakes are topped with parmesan, black pepper, and shaved black truffles
Andrew Bezek/Kāwi [Official Photo]


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