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Beloved Supermarket Wegmans Set to Open First NYC Location This Fall

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The East Coast grocery chain is opening within Admiral’s Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

A rendering of a supermarket Wegmans Food Markets [Official Photo]

Wegmans Food Markets, one of the most popular supermarket chains of the East Coast, is gearing up to open in Brooklyn this fall.

The cult-favorite chain — its loyal followers are called “Wegmaniacs” — will open a 74,000-square-foot location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in a few months, which will include a second-floor mezzanine with a big cafe. A full-service bar serving food as well as drinks will also be located on that second floor, and the whole space is supposed to have an “European open-air market look and feel,” according to a news release.

The grocery store is widely loved for its array of take-home meals, some of which were created with help from celebrity chef David Bouley, a selection of over 2,000 wines, and 350 types of cheese, according to Bloomberg. Prices are supposed to be no higher than other local markets. The project has been in the works since 2015.

It’s a private, family-run chain based in Rochester with 98 stores across the Eastern U.S. The store has been consistently ranked as a top grocery store in shopper surveys, and is known for its family-like corporate atmosphere; one-fifth of the staff are reportedly related.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is an industrial area owned by the city of New York, and it’s operated by a non-profit called the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, whose mission is to create area jobs. It recently attracted an outpost of Russ & Daughters, as well as the Brooklyn Roasting Company and Kings County Distillery. Wegmans will open in a former military base called Admiral’s Row, which is being redeveloped by real estate mogul and TV studio owner Doug Steiner.

The company will be hiring 500 people for the Brooklyn spot, including 150 full-timers, according to a news release. It’s on track to debut this fall. Stay tuned for more.