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Spanish Dream Team José Andrés and El Bulli Brothers May Also Open an NYC Fine Dining Restaurant

“There’s no way that the Adriàs and Andrés are together and we don’t do that.”

Ferran Adria In Conversation With Colman Andrews at The International Culinary Center, Home of The French Culinary Institute
Ferran Adria and Jose Andres
Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for The International Culinary Center

Spanish food superstar José Andrés may have yet another trick up his sleeve for his big NYC debut at Hudson Yards. The chef and restaurateur reveals in a Grub Street profile today that he and the famed modernist Adrià brothers are considering opening an “ultra-high-end restaurant” in Mercado Little Spain, the Spanish market opening next week. “There’s no way that the Adriàs and Andrés are together and we don’t do that,” Andrés says.

The chef makes it sound like it will be a likely thing, but for now, a rep for Mercado Little Spain tells Eater that plans have not yet been finalized for any additional restaurants within the market.

Already, Andrés, with the help of Ferran and Albert Adrià, has three full-service restaurants planned for the food hall and retail space. A slew of kiosks offering Spanish fare like churros, flatbreads, fried seafood, paella, and tapas will also eventually fill the space. (See a full rundown and the opening schedule here.)

But though the announced restaurants range in style, food, and price point, they’re all still pretty casual. Having a more upscale outfit would be quite the exciting get for New York. None of the chefs otherwise have restaurants in the city, though they’re known worldwide. Andrés is credited with popularizing tapas in the U.S. and has gone on to open several Michelin-starred restaurants, and the Adrià brothers are probably the most famous modernist chefs in the world, known for being a pioneer in molecular gastronomy at the now-shuttered but influential El Bulli.

Mercado Little Spain is opening in stages, with just four of the kiosks launching on March 15th along with the rest of the Shops at Hudson Yards. A rep for the project declined to say where the team could even fit a high-end restaurant in the space, which already has more than a dozen concepts.