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Llama Inn Chef’s Tiny West Village Counter Reopens Soon With Full-Service Peruvian Dinner

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See the new menu for Llamita, which closed in February for renovations

A dark image of the Peruvian restaurant Llamita with several wooden chairs, tables, benches and shelves seen as well. Photo via Llamita by Paul Barbera

The counter-service West Village spinoff of acclaimed Peruvian restaurant Llama Inn is getting a little fancier. Llamita, located at 80 Carmine St. at Varick Street, closed earlier this month for a revamp, and when it reopens, full-service Peruvian dinner will be added.

Juan Correa and chef Erik Ramirez opened the restaurant last July, centering the menu around sanguches (sandwiches) and rotisserie chicken. Those things will still be available once Llamita reopens this month, but now, dinner at the petite, 14-seat restaurant will feature plated Peruvian dishes — a bit more in line what Ramirez has become known for at his Williamsburg restaurant.

Options will include a fish and squid ceviche with sweet potato, a salmon ceviche with crispy wontons, hanger steak with blue cheese and anji paca, and shrimp with egg noodles. Dessert includes a chocolate cake with coconut and brazil nut. Organic and biodynamic wines, as well as brunch, will be on deck as well. Prices are still being set, but will likely range from $14 to 28. See a sample menu below.

Ramirez is an Eleven Madison Park alum who dug into the food of his childhood in 2015 with Llama Inn, a chic Williamsburg restaurant that received two stars in the Times. His work there has also landed him on the James Beard Awards long list for best chef in New York City. Llamita is his second restaurant, and later this year, he and Correa will also expand with Llama San, serving the lesser-seen Japanese-Peruvian cuisine called Nikkei.

Meanwhile, until Llamita reopens, the restaurant is delivering its lunch wares via delivery.

New Llamita Menu .pdf


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