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Where Can a Mom Take Her Restaurant-Loving Daughter for a Memorable NYC Meal?

A reader wants to impress her daughter on her old stomping grounds

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A colorful restaurant interior with a light wooden ceiling, wooden tables, and red, yellow, and blue chairs. Fish Cheeks [Official]

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Dear Eater,

My 12-year-old daughter and I are headed to New York for a few days. Some info about us: We’re both adventurous eaters, and like (prefer) spicy food. I lived in the city for several years back in the early-2000s, so am good with directions/neighborhoods/hiking to get to places. We’re staying in Tribeca, but are glad to travel. I’ve been out of the food game in NYC for literally years (except for random work trips here and there), but I want to take her to some don’t-miss meals. Some food we enjoy at home: NY-style pizza, ramen, dumplings, sushi, unique dessert, Italian, Indian, great steak. We love neighborhood charm, and are not looking for over-the-top flair. We’re also not rich, but we’re willing to spend on memories. What would be a special experience for us?

Restaurant-Loving Mom

Hey Restaurant-Loving Mom,

I passed this inquiry along to my co-workers, and everyone basically gushed about how amazing you are for taking your kid to the city’s best restaurants. My first instinct is to send you to the Eater 38 and our visitor’s guide for reference and exploring, of course. But if you’re picking just one, try checking out Fish Cheeks on Bond Street.

The Thai restaurant is colorful and lively without being sceney, and more importantly, the food is on point. The must-get spicy dish is the coconut crab curry, which has a spice level that’s ultra-smooth and addictive. If your daughter likes Cool Ranch Doritos, she will be obsessed with the wings here, which evoke that flavor profile. And for dessert, the coconut ice cream is vegan, but no less creamy than its dairy-based cousin.

Bond Street, too, is one of the loveliest streets in New York. Despite being hip for many years now, it still feels like a secret.

Have fun!


Fish Cheeks

55 Bond Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 677-2223 Visit Website