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People Need to Calm Down About This Incorrectly Sliced Bagel Situation

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Plus, Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about in NYC — and more intel

This St. Louis man blew up the internet with his bagel slicing

The internet flipped out Wednesday when a St. Louis man tweeted an image of bagels sliced as thin as sandwich bread — calling it a “St. Louis secret of ordering bagels.” People freaked out on Twitter and beyond, shaming the man for destroying a perfectly fine bagel. The tweetstorm spawned several articles on the subject, especially here in New York, where the bagel is a sacred carb. Even fellow St. Louis residents fired back; one woman tweeted, “I’m from St. Louis and I’ve never seen a carb treated so callously! How dare you sir!” Fast-casual sandwich chain Panera Bread also weighed in, tweeting that no matter how you slice it, a bagel is “still delicious bread.” Eater NY’s official opinion is: Why are New Yorkers wasting time caring about someone’s bagel order in the first place?

Chef Thomas Keller has jokes

A San Francisco food critic was surprised to find her soup served in a bong at the French Laundry, chef Thomas Keller’s three-Michelin starred restaurant in Yountville, California. Apparently it’s a play on the devastating review Keller’s New York City restaurant Per Se received from Times critic Pete Wells in 2016 — in which Wells describes a matsutake mushroom bouillon “as murky and appealing as bong water.” Only critics and those in-the-know will get the bong treatment at the French Laundry.

Lindsay Lohan spotted at Lavo and the Polo Bar

Actress, club owner, and reality star Lindsay Lohan was spotted taking a business meeting at clubby Midtown restaurant Lavo while her mother and sister sat nearby. The trio were then seen at celeb hot spot Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar.

Closings and a coming attraction

Lower East Side German beer hall Grünhaus, at Ludlow and Rivington streets, hasn’t been open lately, spelling trouble for the young bar that opened just last year. Meanwhile, a new ramen shop dubbed Sanpoutei Ramen has hung its sign at 92 Second Ave., between Fifth and Sixth streets. It’s backed by Japan-based Sanpou Group, which runs over 30 restaurants around the world. But things aren’t going so well for London-based Bubbleology Tea, which recently opened 120 1/2 First Avenue, between Seventh Street and St. Mark’s Place. It’s been temporarily shut down by the Department of Health.

Bronx woman is suing TGI Fridays over their potato skin chips

A Bronx woman is suing TGI Fridays over its allegedly fake potato skin snacks, bags of which are sold in stores around the U.S, the Post reports. The woman claims the bags are stuffed with “potato flakes” or “potato starch,” not actual potato skins, which are supposed to be a more nutritious snack compared to standard chips sold in convenience stores. The lawsuit claims TGI Fridays has misbranded all the snacks, making people think they’re healthier than they actually are.

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