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West Village Icon Barbuto to Close in May

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Jonathan Waxman is looking for a new space for his breezy California-Italian restaurant

Barbuto in the West Village
Daniel Krieger

Chef Jonathan Waxman’s West Village California-Italian restaurant Barbuto will close at the end of May. It’s been an icon in the neighborhood for 15 years, known for dishes like a garlicky kale salad and roast chicken with salsa verde.

The building sold and owners no longer want a restaurant in the space, the Times reports. Waxman is searching for a new space in the neighborhood, with the hope to reopen by the end of the year. In 2015, Waxman announced that the restaurant would be forced to close in its idyllic garage-style space with roll-up window walls.

Waxman made his name in California at places like Chez Panisse in Berkeley and Michael’s in Santa Monica, bringing back that produce- and seasonal-driven ethos to food that blended Italian flavors with Californian style. His most famous dish is his roast chicken, which is still available at his Midtown restaurant reboot Jams. Though California vibes can be seen across New York now, Waxman was a pioneer of the genre here.

Barbuto has endured as a hit since it opened in 2004, debuting with a positive one-star review in the Times. Since then, it’s remained a fashion-scene staple and date-night favorite. Stay tuned for more.


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