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Jennifer Lawrence and Adele Hit Village Gay Bar for Raucous Drinking Contest

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Plus, Michael Cohen is making the most of his last free moments at UES restaurants — and more intel

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit

Jennifer Lawrence parties hard in New York City

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was all over NYC this weekend. After a dinner Friday with some friends at new Chelsea Latin American restaurant La Central, she met up with the one and only Adele for a drag show at Pieces in Greenwich Village. Tons of videos are making the rounds on social media of the friends taking part in a drinking contest, which ended with Lawrence tackling Adele for losing.

Locals won’t let White Horse Tavern go without a fight

Locals are banding together after restaurateur Eytan Sugarman took over the White Horse Tavern and notorious landlord Steve Croman bought the building. A group of people, including local and state legislators, held an “Irish wake” for the historic West Village pub last week, pushing for landmarking the nearly 140-year-old famed literary haunt and decrying that Croman was able to purchase the land.

Openings and coming attractions

The owners of Cotenna and Codeno have opened a tiny panini place at 14 Bedford St. with just two tables and a sofa called Ariccia. The owners of Avena Downtown, a sceney Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, are expanding to the Upper East Side at 22 East 66th St., as well as opening a more laid-back Italian restaurant next door in the Village called Osteria at Avena Downtown.

The East Village has a new pop-up Japanese cafe dubbed Yon Chome, which has swung open at 233 East Fourth St., between Avenues A and B. Drinks like matcha lattes, kombucha, and sushi are on the menu. Harlem-based painting-and-drinking chain Paint ‘N Pour is eyeing a spot on Rivington Street, near Essex Street, once home to the controversial Hells Square club Fat Baby.

Three places bow out of NYC

Croissant-focused bakery Croissanteria is closing up shop after nearly seven years in the East Village. Located at 68 Avenue A between Fourth and Fifth streets, the cafe’s last day is reportedly Wednesday. And Middle Eastern and Israeli restaurant Timna has also announced an impending closure: The four-year-old restaurant at 109 St. Mark’s Place between Avenue A and First Avenue will close April 14. Meanwhile, Terrace Diner has closed its doors over in Bayside, Queens. It opened two decades ago within the Bay Terrace Shopping Center on 26th Avenue and Bell Boulevard.

Here’s where Michael Cohen likes to eat in NYC

The Post reports on former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s favorite restaurants, and it boils down to these Upper East Side luxe spots: L’Avenue, Polo Bar, Regency Bar & Grill, Fred’s, and Soho Italian restaurant Coco Pazzo. Waiters, owners, and patrons alike could not say enough good things about Cohen. “Michael, in New York, is treated like . . . a celebrity,” on told the Post. “Is he a choirboy? No. Is he a piece of s–t? No. He’s a guy who got caught up in being Trump’s attorney.”

Oxalis is tasty but familiar, critic says

New York magazine critic Adam Platt finds good but precious cooking at Oxalis in Crown Heights, which bills itself as a neighborhood restaurant a la Olmsted and Sunday in Brooklyn. He enjoys much of the food — like the duck breast with “delicate gaminess” and the “puffy, fresh-baked flatbread spread with lardo and nettles” — but generally says that, “if you’re like me, you’ll agitate for a few of the bar snacks to be brought to your table before the familiar, slightly solemn pageantry of the tasting menu begins.”

Broker sues Jonathan Benno

Chef Jonathan Benno’s restaurant group Leonelli Restaurants LLC — which operates the trio of restaurants inside the Evelyn Hotel — has been looped into a lawsuit over unpaid brokerage commissions. The suit filed by Benny Blanco Inc. claims that a real estate agent affiliated with this company was brought in to help lease the restaurant space at the hotel in 2014. The agent allegedly arranged a site visit for Benno, who was interested in the space, and sent his equity partner Invest Hospitality floor plans, with the intent of striking a deal. Yet no deal was made through the agent, he says. In 2017, a separate lease deal was struck between the chef and the hotel. Now, the broker is trying to collect commission for that lease.

West Village restaurant worker tied up and robbed

Knickerbocker Grill in the West Village was robbed on Friday night, and a worker there was bound with duck tape in the process. A 62-year-old manager at the live jazz restaurant was counting money when a thief came in and simulated a gun to tie the worker up. He made off with $8,000 in cash.