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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fedora Endorsement Apparently Did Zilch

Plus, a review is also in for Pilar Cuban Bakery in Bed-Stuy — and more intel

Sarah Jessica Parker Receives Deauville Talent Award : Photocall - 44th Deauville American Film Festival
Sarah Jessica Parker — apparently not so influential with the community board
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

It looks like Fedora won’t be adding drinks to its backyard garden after all

Earlier this week, prolific West Village restaurateur Gabriel Stulman sought to extend his restaurant Fedora’s liquor license to its backyard garden — and none other than actress Sarah Jessica Parker showed up to the community board meeting to endorse him. But Parker’s surprise appearance didn’t change the way board members felt about the restaurateur adding drinks to the outdoor space, with most rejecting the idea, at least for now. It’s perhaps no surprise; earlier this year, West Village locals complained that SJP and husband Matthew Broderick haven’t been great neighbors with all their construction.

The Fly serves ‘exceptionally juicy’ birds, critic says

Bed-Stuy’s newest bar and restaurant the Fly is excelling at the two things it focuses on: rotisserie chicken and natural wine, New Yorker critic Hannah Goldfield says. The Fly’s menu is small but everything on it is worth ordering; the critic writes that the chicken is “exceptionally juicy,” and the potatoes, served in the chicken’s drippings, pack a “sweet heat” from Hungarian pepper. She continues down the menu, stating that the fries are “perfectly bronzed” and the broccoli rabe is cooked to an “earthy silkiness.” The wines too complement the meal, including a “delicious” Valentina Passalacqua Sottoterra from Puglia.

Times Hungry City critic is all for Bed-Stuy’s new Cuban bakery

In Hungry City this week, Times food critic Marian Bull praises the elaborate sandwiches and savory, meat-stuffed pastries at Pilar Cuban Bakery, a new Bed-Stuy cafe run by Pilar Cuban Eatery next door. The bakery’s ham croquetas are “gently funky” and the Cuban bread, once pressed, becomes “cracker crunchy” on the outside while “cotton-fluffy” on the inside, she writes in her latest piece. It’s with that bread that Pilar makes its “Porkinator,” a colossal sandwich containing five different types of pig product — from “crunchy starbursts” of chicharrón to smokey chorizo. “It’s a wild sandwich that makes beautiful sense,” she writes. She says the bakery excels on sweets, too, including tropical fruit milk shakes that taste as if they’re made with yogurt.

A new pizza shop in the East Village and more openings

Village Square Pizza opens in the East Village today, at 147 Avenue A between Ninth and Tenth streets, serving square slices and garlic rolls. Everything on the menu will be 50 percent off Friday through Sunday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., the pizzeria announced on Instagram. Its official “grand opening” date is March 29. Meanwhile over in Tribeca, a new sweets shop called Downtown Yogurt and Ice Cream has opened. It comes from the husband-and-wife duo behind Downtown Yogurt in Jersey City. In the West Village, Peruvian restaurant Llamita is back in business. The restaurant backed by the Llama Inn team was closed for renovations, and now, full-service dinner has been added.

A guest chef at Emma’s Torch

Six-time James Beard Award semifinalist chef Vish Bhatt will be cooking at Emma’s Torch in Carroll Gardens from April 3 to April 5, where he’ll highlight his Indian roots through Southern cuisine. The chef hails from Snackbar in Oxford, Mississippi, where he cooks Southern-leaning French fare, earning him the label of “Southern cooking star.” Reservations can be made here.