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LES Greek Hotspot Kiki’s Fires Up a Second Location Across the Street

Kiki’s Grill and Rotisserie is a counter-service spot

Kiki’s fish
Fish from Kiki’s
Kayla Upadhyaya/Eater

Lower East Side Greek favorite Kiki’s has expanded with a second location across the street.

The new outpost at 121 Division St. is called Kiki’s Grill and Rotisserie, and it replaces Sherman’s, a primarily to-go and delivery spot that the Kiki’s team used to run in the same space. The menu will be largely the same as the original, focused on rotisseries, gyros, and souvlakis, says owner Kiki Karamintzas, although some hits from Kiki’s like the grilled octopus have been added. It opened less than a month ago and is open from 5 p.m. daily, except Mondays.

Karamintzas says some seating was added and the place was made a little “cozier.” It’s still a fast-casual, counter-service spot, but people can now linger around for a bit if they’d like to.

The original Kiki’s opened at 130 Division Street in 2015, a project from the Forgtmenot team. Then Forgtmenot employees Kiki Karamintzas and Nick Spanos worked with owners Paul and Abby Sierros to get the place up and running, though Spanos is no longer with the team, according to Karamintzas.

Kiki’s received a favorable review in the Times’ Hungry City column, in which critic Ligaya Mishan said dishes like shrimp doused with ouzo, anise, and heavy cream were “rich” yet somehow still felt “good for you.” But the regularly packed restaurant, which has waits even on weekdays, is just as known for its scene. The casual restaurant is one of several hip spots that have turned the surrounding neighborhood into a cool-kid dining destination. With the new location, perhaps waits will chill out a bit.

Update: This article has been updated to reflect comments from owner Kiki Karamintzas.

Kiki’s Grill & Rotisserie

121 Division St, New York, NY 10002


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