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Hudson Yards’s Best Burger Is at the Street Carts Outside the Mall, Critic Says

Plus, soon-to-close City Winery has its new location — and more intel

Hudson Yards Max Touhey

Critic claims the best Hudson Yards burger is outside Hudson Yards

According to the Post’s critic Steve Cuozzo, everyone should skip Shake Shack and Belcampo’s $28, 100-day-dry-aged beef burger in favor of what he deems is the one true Hudson Yards burger. The catch? It isn’t in Hudson Yards. It’s the $6 burger served by the US Veterans Burgers & Fries cart outside the 7 train subway station. Cuozzo writes: “It’s the best combo of beefy burger flavor and mouthfeel I’ve had in a year: two tasty, juicy patties, topped with supermarket yellow cheese, grilled as requested to a perfect, pink-center medium-rare, the whole lubricious ooze mingled with a piquant, ‘nine-ingredient secret sauce.’”

A new Xi’an Famous Foods in Queens — and more coming attractions

New locations for the cafe Sweetleaf as well as the rapidly growing, acclaimed Chinese noodle chain Xi’an Famous Foods will open on Jackson Ave. in Long Island City. Xi’an will open at 26-19 Jackson Ave. by the end of the month, making it the 15th location in NYC. At 309 East Fifth St. in East Village, a noodle bar called Jiang Diner will open.

Salon du Chocolat, a renowned, long-running chocolate festival that originated in Paris, will come to NYC for the first time. It’s set to run November 15 through 17 this year. The show has been running since 1995.

City Winery finds its new home

The original location of City Winery in Hudson Square was forced to relocate due to Disney moving its headquarters down from the Upper West Side, and it has officially found its new home. The company’s CEO Michael Dorf announced that the winery, which also operates locations in Chicago, Boston, and Washington, will open nearby the original, although he could not share the exact address. He said the company will detail its relocation plans in April. The original shutters in August.

An ode to Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken

In a New York Times Style Magazine series that “revisits New York institutions that have defined cool for decades,” author Reggie Nadelson uses his latest installment to the sing the praises of Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem, which is also an Eater 38 member. “This is the Platonic ideal of fried chicken,” he writes, “the essence of a bird, moist, tender, mouthwatering in its crispy delicately seasoned crust, every batch seasoned three times, constantly turned, gently pan-fried in soybean oil, low in saturated fat.” He celebrates the tiny takeout spot’s lasting power: While other beloved restaurants in the neighborhood have shuttered, Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken remains. For the most recent Super Bowl, it turned out 2,000 pieces of chicken.

Xi'an Famous Foods

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City Winery

, Manhattan, NY 10011 (646) 751-6033 Visit Website