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Check Out Peach Mart, David Chang’s Ode to Asian Convenience Stores

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The stall inside the Shops at Hudson Yards development opened today

Peach Mart
The inside of Peach Mart

The biggest Hudson Yards draw for Momofuku fans is full-service restaurant Kāwi — but when the seven-story Shops at Hudson Yards mall swung open today, a line formed at times for the tiny convenience store Peach Mart, too.

It’s open from Tuesday through Sunday only during the day, from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and it’s not quite like other projects from chef David Chang. Peach Mart, as its name suggests, is a market — Chang’s ode to the souped up convenience stores in Asia with a cult following.

There’s food there, but most of it is packaged goods from across Asia, such as Hi-Chews, Pocky, Lotte sweet-spicy corn snacks, and Shin Ramen. Prepared foods mostly come from Momofuku’s R&D chef J.J. Basil, with involvement from Kāwi’s chef Eunjo Park. Here, expect snacks and takeaway items such as egg salad or potato salad sandwiches on Japanese milk bread, chicken katsu, and kimbap, rolls filled with ingredients such omelet.

Warning, though: If you’re treating this like destination dining, be wary that there’s not much seating to eat Peach Mart goodies for now. Eat it as you walk, or do what Eater staffers and other diners did today — use nearby trash cans as standing tables.

Peach Mart
The scene outside Peach Mart on opening day
Peach Mart
A selection of food from Peach Mart
Peach Mart
Peach Mart
Snacks at Peach Mart
Peach Mart
The counter
Peach Mart
More candies and snacks to-go


20 Hudson Yards, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001 (646) 517-2699 Visit Website

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